👃 Stinky Corpse Flower + Serval Cat Sighting + New Graeter’s Flavor

Smell ya later, zoo flower! Lots of people get roses, daisies and other flowers tattooed on their body. You’ve got to be a hardcore fan of the titan arum to get a corpse flower tattoo. That’s a tidbit in our most interesting story today from the Cleveland zoo! Plus:

  • Cleveland has $300 million in Relief Act money burning a hole in its pocket
  • We have breaking ice cream flavor news 🍨
  • The missing African serval cat has been sighted

Stay cool, cucumbers of Cleveland! 🥒

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Zoo Ready To Celebrate The Stink Of Its Blooming Corpse Flower

(Photo by Kyle Lanzer / Cleveland Metroparks Zoo photographer)

1) Cleveland Metroparks Zoo says its stinky corpse flower is a few weeks away from blooming. The titan arum plant has a bloom that lasts for 24 hours and smells like rotting flesh.

  • The zoo says this will be the fifth bloom for this plant in 28 years. The plant is now on display next to the rhino exhibit.
  • Some say the flower, at best, has the scent of smelly socks or human waste. The blooming flower attracts flies and carrion beetles.
  • One Cleveland titan arum superfan, Andrea Whaley-Palumbocommemorated the 2019 bloom of the zoo’s corpse flower with a tattoo on her arm.

Cleveland Zoo Facebook

2) The city of Cleveland still has $300 million in American Rescue Plan Act money to spend, and city officials say they are being deliberate and smart with those funds. Other cities have spent their funds with greater speed. To date, about $200 million has been spent here. Cleveland is targeting the money for housing, public safety, broadband access, modernizing government and lead remediation. “The reason we got the most dollars was because the federal government felt there was a crisis that needed to be addressed in the City of Cleveland,” said City Council President Blaine Griffin.


3) A Cleveland steel mill worker saw a strange cat staring back at him from beneath a step ladder — and it may be the lost African serval cat that went missing in late June from a home near East 37th Street and Cedar Road. The man said this cat was as big as a dog. African serval cats look a bit like a cheetah but they are large domesticated cats.

Cleveland Scene and Facebook

4) Who doesn’t love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Graeter’s Ice Cream unveiled its fourth “bonus flavor” on Tuesday: Candy Bar Chip. The French pot ice cream maker has outlets at Crocker Park in Westlake and Pinecrest in Beachwood. One more limited-time flavor will be released this year.

More info at graeters.com

(Image from Middleburg Heights police bodycam)

5) A Middleburg Heights police officer who was stopped for a crash on I-71 watched another driver slam into her squad car. Fortunately, she escaped injury. The driver, however, was cited. Fox 8 News obtained video of the Sunday night crash

Watch on Fox 8 News

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