10 Best Games On The Nintendo Switch For Cat Lovers

Stray, the much-awaited RPG game from BlueTwelve Studio that features a cat as the main character finally has a release date! The height surrounding Stray is proof that there’s a solid gaming market for those who adore cats.

The Nintendo Switch is home to many adorable games that features furry creatures, such as the dating sim Best Friend Forever and the beloved Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Feline fans will be delighted to know that there are also plenty of video games on the Nintendo Switch that feature cute and precious cats.


10 Cat Quest

In the RPG game Cat Quest, players can explore the open world land of Felingard, a place full of fantastic characters and interesting creatures. The game is about a warrior cat who needs to go on various quests to save his kidnapped sister from an evil knight.

Cat Quest has impeccably user-friendly controls, making it a great game for any kind of gamer, regardless of their skill level. Gamers have also noted that the game’s straightforward loot, leveling, and progression system make it an incredibly enjoyable RPG.

9 Wildcat Gun Machine

Cover Art For The Game Wildcat Gun Machine

Wildcat Gun Machine is the first project by Australian indie developer Chunkybox Games. It is a shooter game where players need to explore dungeons, find cute kittens, and kill demonic mechs along the way.

While it does have terrifyingly giant robots and scary monsters, Wildcat Gun Machine spreads cute cat elements all over the game environment, particularly around the save points. The game can get challenging at times, but its huge variety of weapons and exciting gameplay mechanics make it a great modern shooter game.

8 Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2 Hidden Cave

Just like the first game in the series, Cat Quest 2 is a mobile game ported to the Nintendo Switch. However, Cat Quest 2 doesn’t simply pick up the pieces and continues the story of its predecessor. Instead, it offers a completely new story that involves a war between the felines and the canines.

Cat Quest 2 doubles down on the straightforward RPG gameplay that its predecessor had. However, the game does include new gameplay elements, such as more healing and elemental spells. Critics seemed to like Cat Quest 2 for its easy gameplay, crisp visuals, and comedic narrative.

7 A Street Cat’s Tale

Still From The Game A Street Cat's Tale

A Street Cat’s Tale has a sad premise. In Feemodev’s survival simulator game, players will need to keep a baby kitten alive who has been left beside a street car. After surviving for 13 days on the streets, the kitten becomes an adult cat.

Gamers need to explore the town to find food for the kitten and ensure that it won’t succumb to starvation. A Street Cat’s Tale also features plenty of NPCs that have varying personalities. But while the game does have entertaining mechanics, some critics felt that A Street Cat’s Tale is too short for its own good.

6 Calico

Calico Game Cafe Cute

Calico is a slice-of-life game that can be found on multiple platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox, and PC. In the dreamy world of Calicoplayers are tasked with running a cat cafe and helping their local community thrive.

The game has plenty of cute visual elements that not only include cats, but also feature other adorable animals such as red pandas, birds, and polar bears. Despite having a whimsical and engaging narrative, gamers found that Calico Suffers from awkward controls and annoying bugs.

5 Gato Robot

Gato Roboto Review Logo

In the indie metroidvania game Gato Robot, a kitten named Kiki is stuck on a terrifying alien planet after her owner’s spaceship crashes. In order to save her master, Kiki needs to put on an armored mech and fight off the huge beasts that rule the strange land.

Gato Robot has been warmly received by gamers and critics alike due to its exciting linear narrative, retro-inspired graphics, and tough platforming sequences. And of course, there’s nothing more appealing than a game that has a cute cat wearing a mech suit.

4 I and Me

A Screenshot From The Game I and Me

Wish Fang’s I and Me is a puzzle-platformer indie game that allows players to assume control of two cats simultaneously. Gamers need to guide the cats across various platforming levels while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

The game’s artwork is irresistibly charming and seeing the two cats traverse platforms across various environments will surely bring a smile to the gamers’ faces. I and Me also has an intuitive control system that allows gamers to easily maneuver the cats and solve the puzzles.

3 Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Cove Art For The Game Little Friends Dogs and Cats

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a simulation game that everyone should try. The joint project by developers Imagineer and Neilo is a pet simulation game where players can interact with an animal of their choice, whether it’s an adorable Shiba Inu or a delightful Scottish Fold.

Gamers are tasked with taking care of pets by giving them water and food, petting them occasionally, brushing their fur, and using toys to play with them. But while there’s a huge variety when it comes to the design of the dogs in the game, gamers have noticed that the cats are not fully-realized and are not as well-designed as the dogs.

2 Super Phantom Cat Remake

Cover Art For The Game Super Phantom Cat

There are plenty of cute platformers on the Nintendo Switch, including the retro RPG Super Phantom Cat Remake. Ported for the Nintendo Switch by Veewo Games, Super Phantom Cat Remake Tell the story of a white-colored cat who needs to travel around the Phantom World in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a hero.

The game’s design level progression is uncomplicated. Super Phantom Cat Remake has found many fans on the Nintendo Switch due to its colorful art, superb character design, challenging platforming levels, and whimsical soundtrack.

1 Bright Paw

A Screenshot From The Game Bright Paw

The puzzle game Bright Paw puts the spotlight on a feline hero. The game follows a cat named Theo who needs to go across various escape rooms and solve puzzles in order to solve a mysterious murder. The game is full of twists and turns that will surely keep players hooked on their screens.

The game also has plenty of content for gamers with more than 70 customized and individual levels. Bright Paw was well-received by Nintendo Switch gamers thanks to its challenging puzzles, immersive ambient soundtrack, and great voice acting.

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