14 fun facts that you may not have already known

Dogs, dogs, dogs! Dogs are just pretty fantastic now, aren’t they? There are so much that we already know about dogs, and there is also still so much more that we have yet to discover.

What are some things that you’ve always wanted to know about dogs? What is one fun fact that you’ve heard over time that has really surprised you?

Here are some of the top fun facts about dogs! Did you already know some?

Going in no particular order here of course, here are the top 14 fun facts about our favorite furry four-legged friends! Let us know down below if we miss any cool ones you think that we should know and tell all of you about after the fact!

1. A dog’s nose is very unique.

Sure, a dog’s sense of smell is very strong and unique; however, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Interestingly enough, a dog’s nose print is much like a human’s fingerprint…it’s very unique and specific to that specific dog, much like all of us have unique fingerprints. I’ve never done this before, but I think it’d be super cute to dip a dog’s nose into something just to get their nose print on paper…anyone else?!

Did you actually do it?! How did it end up turning out!?

2. The percentage of dogs that sleep in their owner’s bed…it might surprise you.

So, first of all, here’s the number: 45%.

To me that seems low, but I can understand why people don’t sleep in the same bed as their dogs. Whatever the reason is, I respect it; However, trust me when I tell you this: sleeping with a dog is the most comforting feeling in the entire entire world and makes you feel 1,000,000% better!!

Do you sleep with your dog? Thoughts on people who do/don’t?

3. All dogs dream…do some dream more?

It’s true, all dogs dream, just like all humans do, even if we don’t necessarily remember them all the time.

While all dogs do dream, it is said to be shown that puppies and senior dogs dream more than your typical adult dog. Why is that? Well, the reason is somewhat unknown, but we can only guess that it’s because puppies are so fresh-minded, hyper, and experiencing a ton of new and different things, while on the other hand, senior puppies have seen it all and have been through some s***.

Have you’ve ever caught your dog in a dream? My dog ​​Jack used to straight up howl in his sleep sometimes!

4. A famous German Shepherd that actually has a prestigious award nom…

Yes, folks, this fact is true. What sort of award are we talking about exactly? An Academy Award.

Who is this you may be asking? Well, it’s none other than Rin Tin Tin, one of the most famous German Shepherd’s from the TV show The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin that ran from October of 1954 and all the way through May of 1959. The actual Rin Tin Tin’s real life name was Flame Jr (he was born in September of 1918 and unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge on August 10 of 1932 from pneumonia at the ripe old puppy age of 14 (same as my dog’s age).

Have you heard of Rin Tin Tin? Bet you didn’t know that dogs could get nominated for awards too!

5. How many pet dogs are there in the United States?

Ready for this, guys? According to a study and survey done by someone anonymous, there are just over 75 million household pet dogs in the United States…that is way more than in any other country!

A close second for the most household pet dogs in a country’s homes is in Brazil at just over 35 million!

What country do you live in? Do you have a pet dog?

6. Something that ALL puppies are born being…

Now this is a fact that I had absolutely zero clue about! How about you?

All puppies are actually born completely deaf. Why is this? Well, folks, this is actually the last and final sense that has to develop in a dog as they are learning and growing into their very own nonetheless bodies. Once their hearing kicks in, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced and know full well, their hearing is at least 4 times that within a human.

Have you have your dog since they were a puppy!? Did you notice any sort of hearing issues?!

7. Are Dalmatians born with their spots or not?

Surprisingly, Dalmatians aren’t actually born with their spots.

As they get older and after being born completely white, Dalmatian puppies will eventually grow into some of their spots. Spots grow and develop as a dog does, which is why not one single Dalmatian will ever look the same or have even similar spot markings. How cool is that?!

Do you have a Dalmatian? How cute are their spots?

8. Why do dogs ‘bury’ their business afterwards? It might not be why you think.

OMG. So this one might actually be my most favorite doggie fun fact on this list over here. My dog ​​used to do this all the time, and it always made me laugh. But why he was doing it surprised me quite a bit, actually!

After a dog is done doing their business, some might use their back paws and legs to kick backwards. This is not to ‘bury’ whatever they have just done, nope! It is actually because they are trying to mark their territory (even after they already did, right). By doing this, they are actually using their scent glands that just so happen to live on the bottoms of their feet and paw prints!

Does your dog do this!? Why does it always make me laugh?! does it make you laugh at all!?

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