40 cats removed from Temperance area home

A Monroe County animal rescue is in the process of finding homes for 40 cats that were recently removed from a Temperance area home.

Friends of Companion Animals (FOCA), Monroe’s only all-cat rescue and adoption center, confiscated the felines that were neglected and requiring health care.

This is Clyde.  About 40 cats were recovered from a Temperance area home.

Over the course of a few weeks, FOCA collected and provided health care to all the cats, all of whom also required spay or neutering and medication for upper respiratory infections, which often happen in colonies such as these, said shelter director Penny Bly.

It was discovered through various sources that the resident who had dogs on the property also had 40 cats in the single-family home, including 20 adults and 17 kittens to three nursing mother cats.

Bly said FOCA then contacted the resident who said they were struggling financially and were unable to care for all the animals. Originally, an acquaintance of the person with the cats paid to have two of the 40 altered so they could be returned. However, upon seeing the cats’ condition the veterinarians were concerned about their well-being and even suggested reporting the case to animal control for possible prosecution.

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