5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Hydrated And Cool This Summer

Historically cats desert animals which makes them prone to drinking less water even when a bowl full of water is readily accessible to them. But still, dehydration in cats can lead to serious conditions. It can give rise to a slew of life-threatening health issues. Hydration is important to ensure proper body functioning and keep their temperature stable.Also Read – Tick Fever in Dogs: 14 Visible Symptoms to Tell if Your Dog Has Been Bitten by a Tick

Dr Shantanu Kalambi, Chief Veterinarian, Supertails shares some of the simple hacks to increase the water intake of cats. Also Read – Viral Video: Pet Cats Disturb Woman As She Tries to Work, Video is Too Funny to Miss | Watch

  • Arrange for a fountain setup if possible

Having flowing water can be much more interesting for cats rather than drinking from the bowl. Kittens love drinking from running water. They have a preference for moving water sources rather than stagnant water as it has less chance of getting contaminated. A fountain will ensure free-flowing, fresh, cool water which will come in handy at times when the parents are out and are unable to change the water periodically. Just make sure to keep the filter clean as cats avoid drinking water that fosters contaminants. Also Read – How to Choose the Right Dog Food to Keep Your Pooch Healthy

  • Including wet food in the diet

Wet food is a good option for increasing the water intake of cats. But there are chances that your cat would refuse to eat wet food. In such a case, do not force feed as they can either develop an aversion to the food or in worst cases, can even starve themselves. Hence, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian to get clarity on which wet food could meet the nutritional needs of your cat. Considering that cats are very picky about their food, it is recommended to slowly and steadily introduce wet food to their diet. In case your cat is unwilling to switch to wet food, one can start by adding water to the kibble. The kibble becomes softer by absorbing water. It is a gradual way of adding water to the food and your cat might learn to eat moistened kibble.

In case your cat is already into wet food but is still falling short in meeting the water requirement, then one can add extra water to their food. Giving them chicken or meat-based broth is a good way to compensate for the water shortage in them. One can also go for flavored or bottled water to keep them hydrated.

  • Increase water accessibility

Cats need to be reminded to drink water. Moreover, considering the heat they might even feel lazy to get up and drink water. To ease their trouble, keep water bowls at multiple places throughout the house, especially in their hangout places and most common route so that they do not have to travel a lot in search of water.

Considering that the water can get warm in the scorching heat, cats might find it uncomfortable to drink the water. Adding a few ice cubes to the water to keep it cool and fresh is a good trick to ensure your cat drinks water.

One can explore many other tricks to make sure your cat always drinks water. Be flexible to always experiment to come up with a solution that best suits the requirements of your cat.


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