A look at the dogs up for adoption in Ross County

CHILLICOTHE— Right now around 50 animals are sitting at the Ross County Humane Society or in one of their foster homes waiting to be adopted.

Adopting an animal gives it a second chance at life. When adopting from the Humane Society you are helping multiple animals including the one you take home and the one that the Humane Society now has room to care for.

The Humane Society is a no-kill shelter meaning they will not put down any dogs to make space for new dogs. At the shelter, the only time an animal is put down is if they are too sick and unable to make a recovery.

Many of the dogs at the Humane Society are strays that have been dropped off or brought in by the dog warden. The Humane Society is not the dog warden, but they do work together to get stray animals off of the streets. They also receive animals through surrenders. At the moment Jenn Thomas, executive director for the Ross County Humane Society, says they receive multiple calls a day from people looking to surrender pets.

Poncho is a playful two-year-old mix who is one of the many dogs available at the Ross County Humane Society.

One reason some people buy from a breeder instead of adopting is because they want a specific breed. However many animal shelters have a variety of dog breeds. The Ross County Humane Society tends to offer many pit bulls and mixed breeds but will sometimes see other breeds come in.

“We have every range of age and breeds,” Thomas.

Still, Thomas understands that oftentimes the Humane Society does not have the smaller breeds people are looking for. While she wishes every prospective dog owner would adopt from them she reminds people that all dogs need loving homes, including those in the stores or online. She cares more about people taking care of their pets than she does where they got them.

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