Adorable Friendship Between Senior Dog and Labrador Puppy Melts Hearts

An adorable friendship between an older dog and his owner’s new pup has melted hearts online.

Pooches Remi and Dash live with their owner Arlie in California and have racked up over 1,000 followers and 133,000 likes on TikTok with videos of their blossoming friendship.

In one viral video, posted with the caption: “Your older puppy won’t like having a puppy around” and showed the two animals playing together, cuddling, grooming each other and even sharing a bed.

The heartwarming footage, which has been viewed almost 900,000 times on TikTok, showed the older dog watching the puppy sleep, followed by the pup taking a nap on Dash’s head.

The video received 128,000 likes and over 700 comments, with one user writing: “He looks almost younger in the videos with the pup. He/she literally gave him life.”

“I strongly believe having a younger dog around an older one helps them love longer,” said another user.

A third wrote: “This is beautiful! I have the same situation ‘blooming’ at my house and it’s amazing to see the two together.”

Another said: “Going to FOLLOW just to watch the black one grow. I bet it will always try to sleep on the others head.”

Chandra Vail, dog trainer and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, said dogs are more likely to be friendly with other animals if they’ve been socialized from birth.

Dogs should initially be socialized with their mother and siblings before continuing to meet other dogs eight to ten weeks after birth, depending on whether the puppy has been vaccinated.

However, if a dog has not been socialized from birth, the process can be lengthy and interaction with other dogs should be built up steadily over time, with obedience classes to help build their self-confidence around other animals.

An adorable friendship between an older dog and his owner’s new pup has melted hearts online. Stock image
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She told the AKC: “Socialization for an older dog should go slow and steady, based on the severity of their fear of other dogs. Basic obedience classes build up their confidence level and having them around other dogs in a class while focused on learning helps acclimate them to other canines in a positive environment.”

According to the RSPCA, while dogs are social animals by nature, introducing another into the home can cause problems, and should be advertised extensively before bringing another animal into the home.

One way to do this, the charity suggested, is by introducing the older dog to the new dog’s scent before bringing the animal home by gathering scents from the new dog’s head by stroking it with a soft cloth and dabbing the cloth around your home and furniture .

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