Adorable pooches at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home looking for their forever family

They say dogs are a man’s best friend and it’s not hard to understand why. Dogs are endless balls of fun, cuteness and comforting moments and are an important member of anyone’s family. Battersea Dogs and Cats home in South West London currently has dozens of adorable pooches staying with them that are in need of a loving home.

The famous animal rescue service currently has 38 friendly pooches who have not yet been reserved or rehomed and are hoping to soon be united with their forever family. Londoners who wish to rehome an animal will be asked about their household and preferences so that the experts at Battersea Dogs and Cats home can match you with the best possible companion.

There’s no breed or dog size that the animal rescue service won’t cater for, everyone is welcome. With that in mind, here’s five beautiful pooches who could be yours if you’re looking for a furry friend to live in your home.

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Sweet Reggie is a young pup at just 10 months old

Sweet Reggie is just 10 months old and loves to be outdoors but is still a little overwhelmed when it comes to exploring new parts of the world. Reggie’s profile online states he would prefer to live with teenagers but without other canine companions and feline friends. It also says he would prefer to be rehomed in an quiet area away from the inner city and would love to have a private garden not shared by others as he loves his own space.

Commenting on Reggie, Battersea Dogs and Cats home said: “He is a very intelligent dog who can get bored very easily so will need lots of mental and physical stimulation from a home who have time to help him settle in a world that can be quite scary for him sometimes. We are anticipating a lot of interest in him and we will prioritise homes who are already registered and fit his criteria.”


Lovely Lorraine
Lovely Lorraine

Next up we have lovely Lorraine, a Rottweiler who is slightly older than Reggie at four years and two months but still just as cute. According to her online profile, Lorraine would prefer to be rehomed in a child-free home and without the addition of other dogs and cats.

Lorraine would best be suited with experienced owners as she is worried and sensitive in nature. It’s a bonus if Lorraine’s future owner is calm and able to tolerate her when she occasionally gets ‘over the top’ and jumps up at people around her. The animal rescue home has described her as: “-affectionate once she knows you and loves games with toys, and food too! She currently knows a sit and down but could easily learn more basic commands when she is settled at home.

“She would prefer to live as the only dog ​​in her new home as she is anxious at times around some dogs and needs to slowly build her confidence. She does enjoy playing with dogs once she knows them and needs a bit of guidance to be calm and polite.”

A future owner should be alert that Lorraine has chased after traffic before and so needs to live in a quieter location where she will not need to walk along roads, or have cars passing the house. She can be quite strong on lead and needs owners who are confident enough to manage her when out on walks together.


Chili has a talent for cuddles
Chili has a talent for cuddles

Aged four years and eight months old, cheeky Chili is similar in age to Lorraine but is a Beagle. Chili was originally rescued from a puppy farm and hadn’t lived in a proper home before so he needed to be trained from scratch. Battersea Dogs and Cats home said: “Chili was always fairly confident considering his background, and is quite typical the breed in many. However, one thing learned is that Chili suffers from a sleep startle. This has caused issues in the past and Chili is having continued management around this.”

Chili is known for giving the best cuddles around and loves to socialise with other doggy pals at the park. He does however find it difficult to settle and be left alone so he will also need more than one owner to build up the time he spends alone very gradually.


Drake would love to be surrounded by countryside
Drake would love to be surrounded by countryside

Last but not least, Drake is the oldest of the bunch at five years and seven months. He is a Bulgarian Shepherd and would love to be rehomed somewhere in the countryside with a secure garden that is fully fenced. Drake is looking for a home with owners who are experienced in owning large and strong breeds, he is a large boy weighing in at near 52kg.

Battersea Dogs and Cats home said: “We may consider a home (for Drake) with older teenagers depending on experience around dogs as they will need to have an active interest in supporting his ongoing training Drake can be uncomfortable around dogs that he can see in the distance and will show this by being vocal, we have been working on this behavior and would be looking for new owners to carry this on in his new home.

“The training would be demonstrated and supported by us during an introduction and as part of the after care we provide.”

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