Adult Cat Demanding Attention From Foster Mother Labeled ‘Mommy Issues’

A video has gone viral on Reddit of a cute cat demanding attention from its foster mother alongside its kitten brothers and sisters, leading one user to comment that the cat has “mommy issues.”

The kittens, which are all tabby except for a larger ginger and white cat, are seen lying on a towel in a cardboard box huddled up, while the larger cat appears to nurse from the mother, who is roughly the same size as him.

Explaining the size difference between the cats, the author of the post, Samoki34, said on Reddit: “His mom rejected him and his brother when they were around two months old. They saw there was food here and our cat didn’t chase them away so they treated her like a new mom and she also adopted them as her own.”

“That cat has mommy issues,” user chowmushi equipped.

As well as a general agreement that the video is incredibly charming, the video sparked debate about living at home as an adult after user _QueenoftheNorth drew the parallel, remarking, “When you’re 30 and you live with your mom. (No actual offense to anyone who does this I lived at home until 28…in this economy who can afford anything anyway).”

This comment prompted many to discuss their own domestic situations, with one user saying, “As someone who lived at home until I was 30, it’s nice to be able to laugh at jokes like this now instead of internally cringing. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but society does a great job of making one feel like a failure.”

Another perspective offered by user IcyDeath011 was, “This is the case mostly in west. In Asia mostly everyone lives as a joint family with their parents and even grandparents if they are alive. Unless there are family issues in which case children choose to live separately. .”

In the video, the larger cat can be seen kneading his adopted mother’s stomach while appearing to nurse, prompting user DreadPirateEla to ask, “Okay I have a genuine question. Why do kittens do their paws like that into their mom’s stomachs or whatever? got a kitten a few months ago and she started doing that to me, it’s absolutely adorable but I’m just curious what she’s doing.”

Aptly named user kittmom184 replied, explaining, “When the kittens are still nursing, the kneading stimulates the flow of the milk. Once they’re weaned the behavior tends to hang around. I don’t know about all kitties, but mine mostly knead when they’re particularly content, or on a certain soft fluffy texture of fabric.”

Newsweek has asked Samoki34 for comment.

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