Are you ready for Take Your Dog To Work Day?

They say every dog ​​has its day. This year, that day is June 24 when the 24th national Take Your Dog to Work Day will be held. Once again, dog owners throughout North America will be prodding their poodles and pulling their pugs to patronize their place of employment.

The event is promoted by Pet Sitters International (see if you think I’m pulling your paw) and has been growing nationwide since 1999 (there is now also a Take Your Cat to Work Day — wisely observed on a different day). Involvement ranges from merely taking a dog to work, to holding office pet parties, and even raising money and awareness for local pet-rescue organizations.

While well-behaved dogs visiting most businesses shouldn’t pose any major problems, there are some establishments that might be inappropriate for dogs. If you work in the fast-food industry, for instance, it’s probably best to forgo participation since some customers tend to frown on fang marks in their cheeseburgers.

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