Lawsuit filed to protect #RioGrande silvery minnow from extinction – WildEarth Guardians

Click the link to read the release on the WildEarth Guardians website (Daniel Timmons): WildEarth Guardians has filed a lawsuit seeking to hold federal agencies accountable for the continued decline of imperiled species in the Middle Rio Grande, including the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow. The lawsuit filed today in the federal District of New … Read more

Column: Civity — the gift that keeps giving | Columnists

Did everyone survive thanksgiving a few pounds heavier but with familial relationships mostly intact? ‘Tis the season for ugly political discussions over the big bird. There’s nothing quite like mixing alcohol, simmering resentments, buttery carbohydrates, and long-term misunderstandings to make for unfortunate dinner conversations featuring raised voices and pounding fists. Here at the CVC, we’ve … Read more

Americans Have Spoken – The Cowl

by Christina Charie ’25 The 2022 Midterm Election “Red Wave” is now a symbol of false hope for the Republican Party and former president Trump. Politicians on the right confidently proclaimed that November 8, 2022 would prove that Americans are frustrated with Democratic leadership. Inflationary pressures and attacks on gun rights could not save them … Read more

See photos from the Apollo era like never before

CNN — Selfies weren’t a common practice when humanity first reached the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first man and the first photographer on the lunar surface. All the photos he took, including the iconic boot print, were of fellow NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin. But Armstrong’s face and other details of the mission were finally … Read more

A New Batman Villain Has an Unexpected WildCATS Tie

The following contains spoilers for Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1, on sale now from DC Comics. The special issue commemorating the 30th Anniversary of WildStorm Productions reveals more backstory for a newer Batman villain, Angel Breaker, and her relationship to WildC.ATs‘ Zealot. The final story in Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1 is titled “Zealots,” written … Read more