Best Dogs In Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy series is arguably one of the most bizarre gaming franchises ever made with each entry telling a different story to the last. Each installment features an array of lovable characters with many retaining the same level of popularity that was bequeathed to them during their game’s release.

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Due to the abundance of memorable characters in the series’ arsenal, many tend to forget the impact made by the franchise’s canines. Final Fantasy‘s dogs can serve multiple purposes depending on the entry, but for the most part, they tend to be faithful companions. Though some appear as enemies, their charming designs render it difficult to attack them without feeling guilty.

10 Interceptor – Final Fantasy 6

Though his concept art may strike fear in those who witness it, Interceptor is arguably the most loyal canine present in the Final Fantasy franchises Belonging to Shadow, Interceptor firmly plants himself at his master’s side and never strays.

He is as obedient as he is aggressive, often lending his powers to the party during combat. Shadow has trained Interceptor to attack his enemies on command and, though this may seem intimidating at first, his vicious nature always subsides after he defeats his foes.

9 Marle’s Guard Dog – Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade

As the landlady of one of the few apartment blocks present in the Remake, it makes sense for Marle to keep a guard dog by her side. Though this lovable creature is confined to a minor role, it is hard to ignore its hilariously poor performance as a watchful protector.

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Yuffie is tasked with sneaking past this guard dog as part of the Happy Turtle side quest. She must hide behind a series of barrels and boxes to avoid being seen, but luckily, this pooch tends to neglect his role as a guard dog in favor of taking a series of brief naps.

8 Umbra – Final Fantasy 15

Lunafreya’s dog, Umbra, is an incredibly devoted pet. This Shiba/Malamute cross is as intelligent as he is adorable, but his ability to transcend both space and time is arguably his most noteworthy trait.

Umbra travels across continents while in possession of the Lovers’ Notebook, a pocketbook in which Lunafreya and Noctis write and exchange heartfelt messages. Though most Final Fantasy dogs are loyal, not many are willing to travel the distances Umbra does.

7 Daigoro – Final Fantasy 10

If the player opts to journey to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, they will find themselves forced into an encounter with a challenging aeon. Having never reached the Farplane, Lady Ginnem waits at the back of the cave, preparing to summon Yojimbo to punish all those who disturb her.

Yojimbo is powerful in his own right, but the presence of his canine companion allows for a far more challenging battle. He cannot be targeted, so it is up to Tidus and his friends to quickly dispatch Yojimbo to end this legged sausage’s reign of terror. Once bested, the player will gain the chance to purchase Yojimbo and Daigoro as a summons.

6 Enkidu – Final Fantasy 12

Similar to Daigoro, Enkidu is a dastardly opponent when encountered by the party, but his design is far more intimidating. Initially met in the Lhusu Mines alongside his master, Gilgamesh, Enkidu bares resemblance to Final Fantasy 12‘s wolf enemies, but he poses a much greater challenge.

Enkidu obeys his master and serves him well in combat by inflicting an assortment of status effects on his foes. Capable of disabling each party member and sometimes putting them to sleep, Enkidu is one of the most dangerous tail-waggers in the franchise.

5 Pryna – Final Fantasy 15

Like Umbra, Pryna is a Spitz-type canine owned by Lunafreya. Though she does significantly less time traveling than her brother, her ability to conjure dreams and visions in those she wills is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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The Brotherhood Final Fantasy 15 anime sees a young Prompto happening upon Pryna on his way home from school. He notices that she is injured and takes it upon himself to care for her until she is fully recovered. It’s a shame that their heartwarming relationship wasn’t emphasized more in the game as the pair shared an incredibly strong bond.

4 Village Dog – Final Fantasy 10

Upon arriving in the village of Besaid, the player will be given the chance to explore the town and learn about it by conversing with its inhabitants. As a small town with few dangers lurking behind its walls, the local village dog is permitted to run rampant within its confines.

Though it may seem like nothing more than a background character, the village dog has a keen nose that assists them in finding an extremely useful item. If the player opts to return to the village before setting off on their journey, they can investigate the dog’s slobbery mouth to uncover Valefor’s Energy Blast overdrive.

3 Red XIII – Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 sees the unhinged scientist, Hojo, an array of experiments on this unfortunate red pooch. Presented as an extremely wise creature, with an equally astute voice in the RemakeRed XIII might very well be the game’s most intelligent party member.

Once a young and somewhat immature pup, the Remake has revitalized Red XIII as a character. His stern personality and graphical upgrade portraying him as a frightening creature prior to joining the party. He later dubs himself “Lab rat-dog” while introducing himself to Heidegger, allowing the player a small look at his newfound sense of humor.

2 Angelo – Final Fantasy 8

Rinoa’s Combine ability allows her to call upon Angelo to assist her in battle. Not only can this Australian Shepherd attack enemies, but she can also heal the party and even dig for rare items. She is a powerful pup whose abilities can quickly turn the tides in a losing battle.

Loyalty is a common trait in most of the series’ canines, but not many of them would remain loyal after being shot like a bullet into the jaws of danger. Rinoa sees no problem in this behavior however, often using her dog, Angelo, as a projectile in combat situations.

1 Megashiba – Final Fantasy 14

The Megashiba is possibly the most adorable dog in the entire series. Available for purchase at the Final Fantasy 14 store, only the most dedicated dog lovers will opt to acquire this furry bundle of joy. Unlike most of the series’ canines, the player can mount this charming pet and explore the game’s vast landscape while perched on its back. The Megashiba can also take flight to allow exploration of the sky.

While navigating these frightening heights, this Shiba will outstretch its little legs and mimic the motion of running. However, they quickly tire from this unusual activity and instead opt to let their legs hang freely beneath them. The player can also lightly pet the beast on its head, allowing for one of the most adorable interactions in gaming.

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