Best Skills To Unlock First

As an alternative to the Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row franchises, Watch Dogs and its sequel Watch Dogs 2 allow players to interact with the in-game world using their cell phones, creating massive carnage and entertainment. With a skill tree featured in Watch Dogs 2players may feel a little disoriented on which skills to select first.

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Although the game acccustoms to multiple play styles, it still focuses on hacking and manipulating electronic objects around the player, be it other cell phones, cars, or other machinery. Thus, there are three particular skill branches with various skills that players should pick up first: Remote Control, Vehicle Hacking, and Social Engineering. Picking up skills within these branches will help players find their footing within the game and get the most out of what Watch Dogs 2 offers.

6 Vehicle Directional Hack

One of the easiest skills to acquire, vehicle directional hacking is perhaps one of the most useful and effective skills early on as it allows players to hack vehicles to move in specific directions.

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Whilst not overly powerful, this ability will allow players to do things like getting vehicles to go off-road or allow cars to run into people and even cause enemies to lose cover. These little things will help players tremendously when timed right, and this skill should not be overlooked. The skill requires 2 research points to invest in, and it uses up 2 botnet resources.

5 Hijacker

Quite self-explanatory, this skill which can be unlocked after vehicle directional hack, allows players to hack car locks electronically instead of having them pick the locks manually. Players can remain anonymous and not draw attention from nearby NPCs, which makes everything just easier. The skill allows players to hack most cars around them.

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The skill requires 4 research points, and while that does cost quite a fair number of points initially, the skill is worth it as it just streamlines the process for the player, allowing for quick getaways, etc.

4 Chopper Retreat Exploit

Part of the same branch as vehicle direction hack and hijacker, chopper retreat exploit is a skill that forces enemy choppers to retreat from the area. This skill is especially useful for dodging heat from the police as choppers that have a line of sight on the player will maintain police pursuit. By forcing the chopper away, players can have an easier time reducing the police heat and quickly get away.

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Some missions and occasions within the game will require the player to draw in police heat, so it’s useful to have this skill at the ready players should find themselves in a tricky situation. The skill costs 4 botnet resources to use and 6 research points.

3 Create Distraction

Costing just 2 research points, this skill has a variety of uses. Create Distraction sends a disruption blast to civilian and enemy NPC phones, preventing them from calling for backup or the police. The skill can also be used to disorientate enemies to escape, attack, or get them out of cover.

This skill is ideal for players who enjoy aggressive gameplay and stealth, so it’s a must-have for any player’s kit. It also only uses 2 botnet resources. Moreover, the skill is a gateway to unlocking more vital skills within the Social Engineering skill branch.

2 Gang Attack Or APB: Suspect Located

Some of the most fun and engaging moments in the game come from using these particular skills. For just 4 research points, players can start by investing in either the gang attack or APB: suspect located skills to summon reinforcements and create some distractions.

Using this skill can lead to enemy targets being killed without the player ever needing to fire a shot. However, even if that fails, players can introduce chaos into the enemy ranks. Upgraded versions of these skills, such as Gang War and APB: Suspect Wanted, can be unlocked later to significantly increase the strength and power of these skills.

1 Botnet Upgrade

Costing between 2-6 research points, the botnet upgrade is useful as it permanently increases the number of botnets available for the player to use. Players should quickly go for the first upgrade (increases 4 botnets) as soon as they can enhance their hacking abilities and proficiency.

Subsequent upgrades will only increase the max capacity of botnets by 2, so players can take their time upgrading that particular skill later. Expanding the botnet upgrade can be quite expensive, and perhaps other skills should be prioritized first before this skill is maxed out.

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