Bird scooters now require ID, are off-limits in some Canton areas

CANTON – The introduction of Bird scooters in late April was met with a mix of excitement and pessimism in Canton.

People expressed concerns about everything from scooters being vandalized to young riders ignoring traffic laws. There also were residents eager to try them after seeing electric scooters elsewhere who denounced the “negative Nancies.”

So how is the city faring more than two months later?

“The program has been doing really well in the city of Canton since it began on April 27th,” neighborhood planner Cassie Pearson said in an email. “We’ve had over of 15,000 rides. We’ve also seen a large number of commuters using the scooters which has been really great!”

Riders initially could go anywhere within city limits. But several areas — Centennial Plaza, Aultman Hospital, portions of Stadium and Monument parks, the 9th St. DIY skate park, and Vienna Woods Rental Homes — now are off-limits for riding or parking.

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