Black Cat’s Spider-Verse Variant Steals MJ’s Most Iconic Line

Black Cat’s Night-Spider variant from the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse #1 steals Mary Jane Watson’s most iconic line in new comic art.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Edge of Spider-Verse #1 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is set to introduce a new variant of Black Cat from the Spider-Verse In an upcoming miniseries and the new antihero is arriving in style, stealing Mary Jane Watson’s most iconic line. In new art from InHyuk Lee, Night-Spider copies MJ’s very first line in Marvel Comics, telling readers, “Face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot!” It’s quite an exciting way to introduce the new Spider-Verse hero.

The Spider-Verse will be revisited in a new Edge of Spider-Verse series from Marvel Comics, shining the spotlight on some lesser-known spider-heroes from across the Multiverse. Dan Slott, Mark Bagley, and Tee Franklin are among the creators contributing to the new Edge of Spider-Verse series, which will see several new web-slingers introduced throughout the five issues. At the same time, Spider-Man Noir, Sun-Spider, and Spider-Gwen will also return. Additionally, the series will lead into The End of Spider-Verse, a new event launching later in 2022.


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On his Twitter account, artist Inhyuk Lee shared his new variant cover for Edge of Spider-Verse #1 from Marvel Comics, which features Black Cat’s spider-hero variant, Night-Spider. The cover art, which will be an exclusive cover available at KRS Comics and Big Time Collectibles, features Night-Spider stealing one of Mary Jane Watson’s most iconic lines as she says, “Face it, tiger… You just hit the jackpot. ” Famously, the line was the first thing MJ ever said in Marvel Comics continuity, in her one-page debut in Amazing Spider-Man #25 by Stan Lee and John Romita Jr.

Black Cat’s new Spider-Verse A variant Night-Spider will debut in the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries. She immediately is one of the most notable new characters, as her Kris Anka-designed costume brings the best elements from both Felicia Hardy and Spider-Man’s best looks. The giant white spider-eyes, black and white details throughout her suit, and trademark white hair make for a great ensemble that will likely become a favorite of cosplayers.

It’s fitting that Night-Spider is stealing Mary Jane Watson’s most iconic line, not just because it takes the Felicia Hardy/MJ rival across the Spider-Verse, but because Black Cat is one of Marvel’s greatest thieves. Night-Spider is following in her footsteps with a different kind of thievery. The variant cover art is a fun tribute to both characters. The InHyuk Lee Edge of Spider-Verse cover, exclusive to KRS Comics and Big Time Collectibles, featuring the Black Cat Spider-Verse A variant, will be released when the new Marvel Comics miniseries arrives on August 3rd.

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Source: Inhyuk Lee – Twitter

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