Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue helping cats find a forever home

The Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue is holding a cat adoptathon on July 16th at Ren’s Pets Depot in Cambridge from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

With over 140,000 homeless cats in Waterloo Region, Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue continues to help make a difference.

The rescue is holding a cat adoptathon on July 16 at Ren’s Pets Depot in Cambridge from 11 am to 4 pm

Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue is a non-profit volunteer-based animal welfare program dedicated to rescuing homeless cats in Waterloo Region.

The organization began operations in September, offering Trapped, Neutered and Released programs (TNR), trapping and adoption services.

Since then, Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue has saved over 188 cats from the streets and found adopting families for more than 71 cats throughout the region.

With the upcoming adoptathon, Sue Parsons, co-founder of the Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue, said that all of the cats up for adoption are from Waterloo Region. Some were born in foster care, but some were trapped living on the street.

“We have a long intake list of cats needing rescue and can’t help them until the ones we have now are adopted,” Parsons said.

“We are coming to the end of kitten season and soon we will be back to adults. People who have been waiting for kittens need to act within the next couple of months.”

The cost to adopt an adult cat is $150 and kittens are $225.

“Besides the adoptathon, we will also have items for purchase such as handmade cat toys and information available for those looking for other ways to help our community street cats who cannot adopt at this time,” Parsons said.

“Ren’s Pets Depot has donated a gift basket for a raffle as well.”

Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue manages both stray and feral cats and works with a local TNR program to ensure they are trapped, neutered, and released back to their home.

Stray cats are trapped, brought to a foster home to reintroduce them back into indoor living. They are also spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. These cats will then be placed for adoption.

The organization recognized a need in the Cambridge area for trapping and TNR for a vast number of feral cats that are living on the streets to help reduce and eventually remove them.

Cats are also comprised of pet cats that my have ended up living on the street from either escaping or being dumped outside. These cats are then rescued and will enter the Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue foster home program, and an attempt to find the original owner will be made. If none is found, the cats will become a part of the organization’s adoption program.

Parsons encourages everyone to come out to the adoptathon where they might end up finding a new furry family member.

“The kittens are at the perfect age for adoption right now,” Parsons said.

“They are ready to easily blend into a forever family home and become a great new member.”

For more information about the Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue, visit here.

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