Can dogs eat raw meat? Learn the risks and rewards of a raw food diet.

The raw food diet has gotten the attention of pet owners in recent years.

One of the most popular raw food diets for pets is called Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF for short. Created in the 1990s, BARF mimics the diet of a wild animal with meat, bones, vegetables and other raw foods. The diet claims to bring dogs back to their non-domesticated way of feeding and boasts benefits like growth, better health and longevity.

But is the diet for dogs? Can your furry friend maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating raw meat? Here’s what you need to know.

Can dogs eat raw meat?

Yes, technically, dogs can eat raw meat but that doesn’t mean they should.

According to Soma Technology, animals, particularly wild ones, have a stronger stomach acid, helping them digest food and kill off parasites and bacteria found in raw meat. Before dogs were domesticated, their diet contained raw meat like most animals.

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What raw meat can dogs eat?

Common proteins in a raw meat diet include eggs, bones milk and these meats:

One type of meat dog owners should be aware of is denatured meat, sometimes called 3D or 4D meat. This meat typically comes from dying, dead or diseased animals, Rogue Pet Science writes. While being processed, this meat is often deemed unfit for human consumption and ends up in pet food. It’s a legal but dangerous fact because of the bacteria and chemicals used in manufacturing.

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