Cat Goes Missing In Boston Following Lufthansa Flight

A cat called Rowdy has escaped from her carrier cage at Boston’s Logan International Airport and gone on the run. It’s causing Rowdy’s owners considerable distress and is putting some heat on the airline that was looking after it, Lufthansa. Now, the feline’s two-legged parents want her found but looking for a black cat in an airport as big as Logan is a tall order.

Black cat escapes animal carrier cage at Boston Airport

Rowdy, who is four years old and reportedly lives up to her name, flew in from Germany last Friday with her human owners who were returning to live in the US after years of living in Germany. The cat traveled in an animal carrier in the cargo hold. According to multiple media reports out of the US, Rowdy did the bolt when cargo handlers were unloading the cage on arrival. Perhaps Rowdy wanted to teach everyone a lesson about making her fly cargo class?


Since then, her frantic owners have pursued Lufthansa for answers while the airline seems at a loss working out how to find a cat that could be anywhere by now. They’ve had a dog unit out searching (although they may not inspire your average cat to put his or her paw up for attention) and set traps, but no luck so far.

A little cat can get into lots of trouble at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Photo: Logan International Airport

“We are sick with worry,” says her owner, Patty Sahli. “Please say prayers that she is found, and her chip is scanned, and she is brought back to us…I pray she is not loose roaming the streets of Boston.”

These are words that will ring true to any parent with a kid on the loose in the Massachusetts capital. All sorts of nasty things could happen – drinking too many saucers of lousy chain store coffee, hanging out at the wrong university, moving into Weston. No wonder Rowdy’s owners are worried about her.

Lufthansa at a bit of a loss here

Lufthansa told Rowdy’s owners she hurriedly exited the carrier cage as the ground handler was removing the cage from the plane. Lufthansa said Rowdy took off after a bird, and three ground handlers chased her, but Rowdy outfoxed them without much effort. There have been no sightings since.

“At this point, we are still not sure where your cat is,” Lufthansa told the Sahlis.”The airport was also contacted, and everyone has been on the lookout. I apologize for not having any further news in regards to this.”

Rowdy’s human parents want her safely back

At this point, many people would leave their cats to prowl Boston’s streets or hang out at the airport. A smart cat would provide just enough sightings to let people know you’re around but not enough sightings for those pesky dog ​​units to figure out where you’re living. But Rowdy’s owners like her and want her back. Let’s face it; they paid to fly the cat over to the US, whereas many people wouldn’t. Hopefully, Rowdy will pop up soon, having decided life on the run isn’t for her and that the living is far cruisier with her caring human parents.

Rowdy is described as a black cat with green eyes and a tiny white patch on her chest. She’s usually a bit, err, rowdy. If anyone spies her lounging in the United Club, maybe offer cat-sized snacks and call it in.

Source: CBS News

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