Cat rescued from car engine | News

It was such a beautiful morning last Sunday that Rose Simonds decided to go to the early service at Momentum Church on North Lee Street. As she was standing on her back porch getting ready to leave, she suddenly heard a strange animal-type noise like something she had never heard before nor could she tell where the racket was coming from.

She thought it might be a cat because sitting next to her car was the troublesome stray mama cat that always comes into her yard and sits beneath her birdbath trying to catch birds, but Rose said the cry didn’t sound like a kitten by any means . She tried calling the animal but soon gave up so she could get to church. That’s where things started to get interesting:

While Rose was inside the sanctuary a lady approached her and said she believed there was a cat in the engine compartment of her car. Rose then went out to the parking lot and found a crowd of people gathered around her vehicle. She popped the hood and saw a little yellow kitten trapped within the confines of the engine just out of reach, crying to be set free and several people started taking turns trying to reach the kitty, but none were successful.

Flustered, Rose went back inside the church and found Robert Pye, guitarist for the Worship Team Band that plays during the services and enlisted his help. The band had just finished rehearsal and it was getting close to the time for the service to start but Robert rushed to the rescue.

He soon figured out that he needed a pole of some sort to nudge the feline to freedom and Mandi Ballard who was there visiting Momentum for only the second time with her two daughters and her husband Drew, found a hiking stick in her car. Pye then was able to coax the cat to a lower area where it found an escape route straight beneath the car and into Mandi’s hands. But she was only able to hold the furry creature for just a couple of photos before she had to give it up to her daughters, Kayli, 12, Katelynn, 7, who immediately fell in love with it. Rose thought the cat resembled a little piece of butterscotch and thus Butterscotch became its name.

It was decided that Rose would take the kitty cat back home (this time riding on her lap) so that she could try to locate its owner. She also got Mandi’s number in case the cat was available because the whole family had already felt attached to it. They moved to Juliette from Henry Monroe County last August because of our schools and a lot less traffic. Mandi told the Reporter Monroe County is a great place to live.

So, Rose took Butterscotch back to her house on Main Street just down the road from Mary Persons. After making a few calls, she determined the cat was a stray and called the Ballards who wasted little time in picking up the kitten and taking it to the vet to be checked out. It was discovered that Butterscotch was unscathed from her adventure but that she did have a little cold and was given antibiotics and eyedrops. Mandi said she will be completely vaccinated and spayed once she is old enough.

This wasn’t the first time Rose has unknowingly given a creature a lift in her engine compartment. Last summer she drove from her house to the Monroe County Rec Center to watch her grandson play baseball and someone noticed a snake dipping down then slipping back up beneath her engine. Deputies were called to remove that roadworthy reptile.


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