Cat welfare charity appeals for donations after stray kitten with snail attached to its eye is rescued in Co Tyrone

Over £1,000 has been donated overnight to a cat welfare charity in Lisburn, after a stray kitten which was found with a snail attached to its eye was brought to the organization at the weekend.

he kitten was found near Stewartstown in Co Tyrone and must have its infected eye removed.

Posting to Facebook on Sunday night, Rescue Cats NI wrote: “A lovely gentleman found this wee soul last night at the side of the road with a snail attached to her eye.

“He brought her home and gently bathed round her eye to remove the snail and contacted his daughter Fiona who got in touch.

“This lovely, kind man has already saved a cat and a kitten in the last few months. I agreed to take her. As you can see, that bad eye needs removed. It’s just a solid ball and the other eye has an ulcer.

“She is just so happy to have been saved, she ate a big feed and is snoozing. I went to get her a wee blanket and she had conked put. She has had meds and is settled. Dear love her, the pain must have been intense.”

The post has generated widespread online support and a fundraising page was set up on Sunday night to help the charity with its veterinary bills.

Lynsey Jones, who runs Rescue Cats NI, said: “Our vet bill is down from £13,000 to £6,500, but I can’t seem to get it down any with the amount of sick, stray and injured cats and kittens I take in .

“I will never turn any cat away! This rescue is my whole life and I’ve rescued hundreds over the years. I need YOU to help ME keep doing what I love.

“I have a huge big barn sitting going to waste. Renovations started and stopped because of the pandemic. Now the roof is leaking which is made from a double layer of asbestos. I’ve hit a brick wall and don’t know where to go from here. It either needs repaired or replaced, both options will be very costly.

“I need a kitchen and toilet area in order to take on volunteers, that will involve a lot of work and insurance to be pays for,” she continued.

“I also have many permanent residents here that can’t be rehomed

“I’m really at my wits end with everything and need help before I am truly overwhelmed and at breaking point. That day ebbs ever closer and it would be a shame not to be able to provide this service to people and continue my work and dream of having a rescue that rivals the poshest catteries. Rescues deserve the best.

“I know times are tough. Even if you can spare £1, it all helps. Thanks so much to everyone that supports us.”

The Rescue Cats NI fundraising page can be found here.

Lynsey added that donations can also be made via PayPal at or her vet can take payments via phone at 02892667544 by referencing the Rescue Cats NI account.

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