Migratory birds from different countries arrive at Harike wetland in Punjab

Migratory birds from different countries arrive at Harike wetland in Punjab

Migratory birds from different countries have started arriving at Punjab’s Harike wetland, with around 40,000 winged visitors reaching the northern India’s largest wetland so far. More than 90,000 migratory birds of over 90 different species from different countries, including Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and other parts of the world arrive at the Harike wetland … Read more

MP forest minister’s Africa tour before cheetah translocation under scanner

Bhopal: Nearly three months after eight cheetahs were successfully transported from Namibia and released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday (September 17) at Kuno National Park (KNP) in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district, a controversy has arisen over a tour by state forest minister Kunwar Vijay Shah and two senior officials to Tanzania and … Read more

The Kuno conundrum: How to tell Elton from Freddie

Foresters at Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park have a question on their minds these days. How will they identify the recently reintroduced cheetahs once the big cats are fully released in the wild? Tigers have their distinctive stripes – one’s stripes famously read ‘CAT’ – but cheetahs? India’s project cheetah has entered stage 2 with … Read more

Wildbuzz | African cheetahs, a second Indian innings

A tinge of surprise, and welcome relief in its wake, was discernible in the overall exultant mood that greeted the first kills by Namibian cheetahs released in India. The imported Cheetahs were hungry and killed cheetals, which are not found in Namibia. The imported Cheetahs had received no training or familiarization with Indian conditions prior … Read more

Wolves and humans: How can we reduce conflict?

Two wolves. (Picture: Wolf Conservation Center) As in other European countries, tensions have been growing in Slovakia over the return of wolves and an alleged increase in livestock attacks. Wild wolves in Europe are an environmental triumph; As previously reported on Flayrah, wolves were extinct in many European countries and it was only in the … Read more

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The Left’s grotesque politicization of mass shootings

youhere is nothing on earth so swift – not the peregrine falcon, not the cheetah – as a liberal in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting. It is as predictable as the sunrise: Whenever innocent people are murdered by a deranged gunman, liberals immediately assign blame to conservatives, even while the bodies are still … Read more