Ground Zero dogs who served after 9/11 were real heroes

By Amy I. Attas If I told you that there’s a group of people who, for generation after generation, were devoted to being experts in: Lifesaving in crises, medical detection, law enforcement, finding hidden weapons, drugs, cash, and more, military operations, conservation efforts and protecting our homes by finding termites and bed bugs — not … Read more

Atlantic County Commissioners discuss shooting-response dogs in school amid resident pushback | Local News

As students around the region returned to school last week, the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners is exploring whether to help pay for shooting-response dogs for schools in an effort to help increase security. But some educators and community members say the plan lacks evidence it will be effective. The discussion comes as school districts … Read more

A Dog-Gone Good Vacation

What do you get if you combine two 12-year-old boys, a mother, a grandmother, and a Yorkshire terrier for a week at Kiawah Island, South Carolina? You get exercise, sand flas, sunburn, and fun. By 6 am on our departure day, I had loaded the Mazda van with a red duffel bag, cosmetic case, a … Read more

Dogs’ risk of dementia increases by half every year

Is your old but beloved family dog ​​suddenly having accidents in the house or getting lost in corners? Has it seemed like your pet sometimes doesn’t recognize someone they’ve known all their life? Memory loss and cognitive decline are common enough for aging dogs, just as they are for humans. But in extreme cases, scientists … Read more

Comfort dogs are greeting Uvalde students for their return to school. Here’s how canine visitors can help after tragedy

Since then, some students have not felt comfortable returning to a classroom. As parents in Uvalde, Texas, dropped their children off at school Tuesday morning, some students did not want to get out of the car — but 10 golden retrievers from all across the country who work as Comfort dogs were on site, helping … Read more

Raytown shelter provides tragic update on stolen dogs

A Raytown, Missouri, animal shelter provided a tragic update on three dogs that were stolen Saturday morning.Midwest Animal ResQ says that one of the three dogs was found dead in Leavenworth County Wednesday night. The shelter said their was broken into around 5:30 am Surveillance video showed two people busting through the door at the … Read more

OCD in dogs: Does it exist and what can resemble the condition?

Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a mental health condition that generally causes persistent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) followed by repetitive behaviors (compulsions) in humans—but can dogs have OCD as well? Canine compulsive disorder (CCD) shares many overlapping similarities with OCD in humans. It can be a lengthy process to diagnose CCD, so it is always … Read more

Good Samaritans, Guide Dogs, and God’s Good Gifts

When Sheila Roberson came to Tim’s Gift to share about a man in our hometown who has a guide dog, passion and purpose fueled her admiration for Guiding Eyes (where guide dogs are trained) in Yorktown, NY! Sheila’s enthusiastic spirit and deep yearning to share about the local guide dog and Guiding Eyes was proof … Read more