Yunnan courts help resolve elephant disputes

A herd of wild Asian elephants feed on corn at farmland in Jinghong, the seat of the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province, in this file photo provided to China Daily. CHINESE DAILY A judicial team formed earlier this year has helped resolve a number of human-elephant conflicts in Southwest China’s Yunnan, a province … Read more

Understanding elephants improves conservation efforts

Recent research suggests that social interaction can help elephants cope with stress. Above, Asian elephants play in India. (© DeAgostini/Getty Images) An elephant’s brain is roughly three times the size of a human’s brain. But how well do they use all those neurons? US researchers are investigating that question and other mysteries of the world’s … Read more

Wisconsin’s Famous Pinkie the Elephant

Next time you’re in Madison, Wisconsin, take a 25-minute drive north to DeForest, WI to see the world’s largest pink elephant, Pinkie! Pinkie the Giant Pink Elephant? Lets Go Road Tripping Screen Shot, video in story.Let’s Go Road Tripping Screen Shot, video in the story. How do you find this stuff, James? I’m a long-time … Read more

Elephant Robotics’ myBuddy Is the Company’s First Dual-Arm “Humanoid” Collaborative Robot

Elephant Robotics has unveiled its latest robot arm design, and this one’s a little different — because you get two, rather than one, six-axis robot arms along with a central display designed to encourage an emotional connection between the user and what the company has called the “myBuddy 280.” “MyBuddy is [the] first dual-arm robot … Read more