WILDLIFE: Get spotting on our rivers

BY ANN HAIGH RIVERS are much more than drainage channels for water, they provide us with an array of services such as water supply, sense of place, recreation and tourism. Importantly, rivers also support an amazing and delicately balanced network of biodiversity, from plants, insects, birds, fish and mammals to amphibians. However, reports from the … Read more

Nikola Cannibalized a Ford for Hyped Badger Electric Pickup, Jury Told

(Bloomberg) — A Nikola Corp. prototype of the electric vehicle startup’s planned Badger pickup was made partly of components from a Ford Motor Co. F-150 Raptor, the jury in the criminal fraud trial of Nikola founder Trevor Milton was told. The testimony came before prosecutors showed the jurors texts from 2020 between Nikola employees worried … Read more

5 Best Places for Hunting in Europe

America offers so many hunting opportunities that one can never leave the country and still feel like they haven’t explored even half of them. However, we all crave diversity, and sometimes it feels like this longing can be satisfied somewhere beyond the ocean. European hunting culture counts millennia, and each country tries to maintain its … Read more

Our most common wild animal? Here’s what the camera traps tell us

Researchers installed ‘camera traps’ at various locations in Wicklow to see what kind of wildlife would pass by. The cameras were hidden at 20 sites among trees as part of a simultaneous survey across Europe, #SnapshotEurope, which was launched in 2021. Ph.D student, Adam F Smith, was keen to put Ireland on the international camera … Read more

Mammal species in Britain have increased from prehistoric times, study finds

Amid all the warnings about the threat to animals from destructive humans, it is some rare good news. The number of mammal species in Britain is actually higher today, compared to prehistoric times. While we have lost the mighty aurochs which roamed through ancient forests, our native bears and wolves, we have gained all kinds … Read more

Honey badger has a penis bone shaped like an ‘ice cream scooper’ that clears out its rivals’ semen

The honey badger may have evolved a penis bone that can scoop out rivals’ semen and ensure their paternity after mating. Most mammals – including cats, dogs, mice, and bears – have a bone inside their penis, called the baculum. Humans are one of only a few primates to have lost their baculum over the … Read more

Badger uncovers more than 200 Roman coins in a Spanish cave

A foraging badger has uncovered a trove of 209 Roman coins dating as far back as the third century in a Spanish cave, scientists report. Hailed as an ‘exceptional find’, the coins include some ‘from the distant mints’ of London, Constantinople and Antioch, an ancient city once located in what is now modern-day Turkey. Researchers … Read more

Ancelotti behind Asensio redemption and Valverde using the ‘rock in his foot’

Sixty-four minutes had gone by at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday night and the Real Madrid crowd were grumbling. RB Leipzig had most of the game and all of the chances to score. Madrid had not had a shot on target. Carlo Ancelotti needed to make some changes. The first player to leave was … Read more

PLAAF Drops ‘Deadly Drones’ From Its H-6 Bombers; Netizen Says ‘China Knows How To Fight Modern Wars’

A video broadcast by China’s official state media recently showed the H-6K heavy missile carrier’s future crewed-uncrewed teaming and swarming capabilities. An H-6K bomber is seen launching four LJ-1 drones, which are then connected in a diamond pattern. The computer-generated animation also illustrates the capabilities that the PLA plans to acquire for its bombers. The … Read more