KY Deer Hunting Season — Special Regulations

I think I enjoy the fall as much as I enjoy anything. It’s just the perfect weather. And there are so many events and seasons that always get me in the mood. I’ve already immersed myself in looking for fall getaway ideas and checking college football updates on a daily basis. And even though I … Read more

Baby Indiana Groundhog Nibbling on Broccoli is Too Adorable

Groundhogs are most famous for predicting how long winter will last and making underground tunnels with mounds of dirt littering your well-manicured yard. We rarely see them enjoying a little family time in the backyard. But, that is exactly what is happening in this video I found on Viral Hog. A family in Morgantown, Indiana … Read more

Seal Rescue Ireland marks start of common seal pupping season with new arrival Selkie to Wexford centre

The grounds of Seal Rescue Ireland’s center in Courtown may be relatively quiet right now but, following the arrival of common seal pup Selkie, the team knows that the silence and stillness will be short-lived. elkie’s arrival marks the beginning of common seal pupping season – one of the busiest times of the year for … Read more