We went and lost our bright, golden haze | City Desk

That low-down, polecat Daniel Fish won’t be showin’ his lyin’ face in the state of Oklahoma. Fish is the guy who ruined “Oklahoma!” with his dirty, ugly, feminist, mean-spirited version of the Broadway musical classic we love. He took a candy-colored operetta of romance and turned it into a roadhouse brawl. He took pretty little … Read more

Rarely seen fisher cat caught on camera prowling a snowy forest floor | Film and Photo

You’d be forgiven for falling in love with the ferret-like scuffling and undeniable fuzziness of the fisher cat, but the sharp-toothed predators are best admired from Afar. Remote camera-traps are perhaps the ideal way to observe the elusive animals and are the method of choice for wildlife officials in Maine who have been monitoring fisher … Read more

Willis Towers Watson Partners with Polecat Intelligence on Emerging Risk Analysis

Willis Towers Watson, the global advisory, brokerage and solutions company, announced a partnership with Polecat Intelligence Ltd, a business intelligence and data analytics company. Together, they are developing insurance solutions that enable organizations to respond to the rapidly changing, increasingly complex and interconnected challenges they now face. Polecat data will support Willis Towers Watson solutions … Read more