‘I am Groot’ on Disney +: The evolution of Rocket Raccoon from sidekick to ‘main character’

When Bradley Cooper, who is otherwise popularly known for his ‘Hangover’ franchise, joined the MCU as a voice actor for a ‘space raccoon,’ fans lost their calm. In 2014, the star was seen doing the voice of Rocket, the scruffy, raccoon-like space alien in ‘Guardians of a Galaxy’. ADVERTISEMENT It was a mere side role … Read more

Brown pelicans’ position dicey – The Columbian

CHAUVIN, La. — Sliding off the side of her small boat, seabird biologist Bonnie Slaton wades through waist-high water, brown pelicans soaring overhead, until she reaches Raccoon Island. During seabird breeding season, the place is a symphony of noise and motion — one of the few remaining refuges for the iconic pelicans. The crescent-shaped island … Read more

The 9 Best References To Video Games

Resident Evil, the Netflix series, arrived on July 14. The first season consists of 8 episodes, with the story unfolding over two-time frames. The first is New Raccoon City, modern-day, following Jade and Billie with their father, Albert Wesker. The second takes place in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies and other warlike creatures, focusing … Read more

Walnut and Raccoon creeks | Harold Allison Columns

I have been amazed at the response I have received on my columns about the creeks found in Indiana. Several have said it is about time our creeks finally have been given the credit they deserve. Rivers get all the publicity, but it’s the many creeks that flow into our rivers that make them what … Read more

Raccoon Theology: About that sleeping in church |

A long time ago, a professor got the attention of his class one day as we studied the journeys of Paul. He said he would give us a foolproof way to remember the name of the man who fell out of the window while Paul was preaching (Acts 20). Said the professor, “You’d a cussed … Read more