Cats Can’t Get Enough Of Stray, According To Fan Videos

Stray players are posting adorable videos of their actual cats reacting to the feline-centric action-platforming title after its launch last week.

It seems that the recently-released Stray is as popular with cats as it is their owners, as evidenced by a wave of cute videos players are sharing online. Developer BlueTwelve Studio took much of the gaming world by surprise when it announced Stray During the unveiling of the PS5 in 2020, as this feline-centric adventure/platforming title looked nothing like what was being shown off for the then-upcoming console at the time. In Strayplayers take control of a lost cat wandering the streets of a dystopian cyberpunk city in search of a home, using its natural agility and a helpful companion drone to navigate the dark environment and avoid robot patrols.


In addition to featuring impressive graphics and a novel approach to platforming and open-world transversal, Stray has naturally gained much praise for its cute feline protagonist. Players can perform all kinds of adorable actions like taking naps in the laps of robots, playing with cardboard boxes that litter the alleyways of the city, and even letting out a cute little meow or two – provided by Stray voice actress and equally precious real-world cat Lala. Developer BlueTwelve Studio has seemingly spared no expense in recreating the look and behavior of cats in Strayand it might come as no surprise that actual felines enjoy watching the game in action as much as their owners enjoy playing it.

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Stray publisher Annapurna Interactive recently shared an adorable video clip on its official Twitter account of a real cat pawing at the screen as the game’s main character plays with one of the many AI-controlled felines players can befriend in Stray. This cute scene has inspired a wave of similar videos of Stray players filming their own pets’ reactions to the game in the comments section, such as Creditbook co-founder Hisham Adamjee’s kitty reaching out to the unfortunate feline hero as it scurries about in the rain. Likewise, Bruce Buckham shared a clip of his own cat, Kimi, following along with Stray‘s main character – and humorously asking if the developers could add a co-op mode so they could play together.

Stray It was already one of Steam’s most wishlisted titles before it launched on both PlayStation and PC platforms last week, and the game was met with mostly positive reviews for its stunning visuals and dark-yet-hopeful plot. beforehand, Stray‘s marketing extended into the realm of real-life pet owners as Annapurna Interactive joined forces with Travel Cat to produce a line of Stray-themed cat backpacks and hosted a premiere party at the New York City cat cafe Meow Parlor just this weekend.

Stray‘s devotion to capturing the real-life behavior, movements, and the charm of cats shine through in its visuals and gameplay, and it seems the game has succeeded in appealing to actual felines as well as their owners. With pet owners now modding their actual kitties into Strayit might not be long before the internet sees adorable videos of cats following along with themselves as their digital avatars navigate through Stray‘s Gloomy-yet-endearing cyberpunk game world.

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