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Ahmedabad: While stray dogs are the branded criminals when it comes to animal bites in the city, cats are catching up with their bete noire rapidly. According to the animal bite data from three public hospitals — LG, Shardaben and VS — and 17 urban health centres, an average 4,724 instances of dog bites, 67 cases of cat bites and 27 cases of monkey bites were recorded per month in the last four and a half years. The average of other animal bites such as pigs, donkeys, buffaloes and cows stands at 17 per month.
As per Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) data, in 2018 to May 2022 period, 2.55 lakh cases of dog bites were registered while cases of cat bites stood at 3,628 followed by 1,444 cases of monkey bites. The hospitals and urban health centers registered 930 cases of other animal bites in the same period.
Sources said that the cases of cat bites have increased as more people have started keeping cats as pets as compared to earlier.
In the 2018-May 2022 period, the highest dog and cat bite cases, 65,881 and 1,237 respectively, were registered in 2019.
Civic body officials said that public awareness has increased and people are also taking anti-rabies vaccines. “Same as dog bite cases anti-rabies vaccines are also administered in cat bite instances too. These vaccines are available in most of the public hospitals and urban health centers,” AMC’s medical officer of health Bhavin Solanki told TOI.
However, pet lovers said that people and the civic body have to understand the difference in the behavior of dogs and cats.
Dr Freya Javeri, a council member of the Indian national Kennel Club and the Ahmedabad kennel club, said, “One needs to be sure whether the AMC figures indicate cat bites or scratches. Cats usually scratch. In either case, people rush to the doctor. One also has to determine whether these cats are pets or stray. Cats don’t demand constant interaction like dogs and will only get aggressive to protect their young, are cornered or are not handled properly.” Javeri added, “I surely see a rise in the number of first-time pet owners keeping cats for sure. But at the same time, I feel there is a lack of awareness on how to handle these animals.”
RK Sahoo, director of Kamala Nehru Zoo at Kankaria, said that people should not feed stray cats as that leads them to scratch and bite sometimes. “Cats, whether they are domesticated or stray, should not be disturbed while they are feeding as that irritates them. They should also not be disturbed in their mating season,” Sahoo said.


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