Check Out These Cute Crystal Charms For Dogs & Their Benefits

Crystal charms make great doggy accessories! (Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Just as humans have different needs and feel overwhelmed by their environment, dogs can face many challenges too. That’s especially true when your little pal is a shelter dog probably abandoned by their previous human, or they were born on the streets.

Dogs need time to adjust to their surroundings and learn to trust. They can also struggle with anxiety and behavioral problems due to their past traumatic experiences.

You might know that crystals have become quite popular for their beneficial energies and vibes. People use these gems for purposes such as stress relief and manifesting love. Similarly, crystals are believed to infuse your dog’s energy with their beneficial vibrations.

And as a bonus, crystal charms are a fun way to accessorize your doggy and make them even more adorable!

Crystal Charms For Anxious Dogs

If your dog is to help your dog relax intention and cope with separation anxiety or stress, you might want to try the following crystal pet charms.

amethyst charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Amethyst charm: This crystal is known as a natural stress reliever. It’s a good choice for dogs who’ve been in past abusive situations.

Amethyst’s gentle vibes are said to reduce fear in both humans and pets, calm hyperactivity in dogs, and create a sense of security and trust. You can attach the crystal charm to your dog’s collar to allow it to interact with your pet’s energy field.

aquamarine charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Aquamarine charm: This is a crystal said to radiate calming energies that will help a nervous and stressed dog release tension. It’s also said to heal emotional wounds from the past. So, it’s especially beneficial for rescued dogs as it helps deal with phobias.

You can also use it for pups who need to relax in order to accommodate and get familiar with new places and situations.

blue lace agate charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Blue Lace Agate charm: This is another great, calming stone. With its tranquility and cooling vibe, it makes the perfect charm for agitated pets who also have aggressive behaviors.

But of course, the energy that fills your aura is also important when dealing with behavioral issues in dogs. You can attach the charm to the collar and to your purse or keychain to help both of you sync with the peaceful energy it carries.

Crystal Charms For Under-Socialized Dogs

If you want a crystal charm for an under-socialized dog who can’t relax well around other dogs, pets, or people, the following crystal charms might support your efforts in creating a safe space for your pet.

rhodonite charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Rhodonite charm: This gemstone is great for bonding with your dog as it is a stone of compassion. It carries vibes that are believed to help balance emotions, nurture love, and help your dog leave their guard down.

It’s the perfect charm for your pet to feel grounded, protected and cared for.

amazonite charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Amazonite charm: This is a great choice to uplift your dog’s spirit. Amazonite is a crystal that radiates positive vibes. It will help your canines feel that they are not in danger around other pets.

It is also a gemstone believed to have healing and soothing properties and to promote restful sleep for animals and humans.

strawberry quartz charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Strawberry Quartz charm: This cute, pink crystal will not only look adorable on your dog’s collar but is also said to help strengthen your bond with your furry friend.

It is also a crystal that promotes healthy boundaries for your dog’s interactions with other animals and humans.

Crystal Charms For Your Dog’s Vitality

If your dog can’t be considered young anymore and has become a little lethargic and less active, there are crystal charms that could help boost your dog’s energy levels and promote strength and vitality. I recommend you try these cute crystal charms for your older dog.

labradorite charm

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Labradorite charm: It’s considered by crystal healers to carry powerful energy that promotes enthusiasm and vitality. This could help your pet stay healthy and lively and protect them from negative, draining energies.

Labradorite is also believed to be a suitable stone for guide dogs and guard dogs.

citrine charm bracelet

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Citrine charm: This is an excellent crystal for lethargic or weak older dogs. Citrine will infuse your dog’s aura with joyous and happy energies and increase their physical resistance.

Match your bracelet with your dog’s cute citrine charm and surround yourself with uplifting, positive vibes.

Jasper charm: This crystal is known as the “supreme nurturer.” It can provide protection and support your dog’s health during the difficult times of late adulthood.

Jasper re-energizes the body and promotes courageous and curious attitudes for more active canines.

Cleanse Your Dog’s Crystal Charms

xenia and her dog

(Picture Credit: Xenia Mateiu)

Just as you would do if you were to use crystals for your needs, it’s essential to remember to cleanse and purify your dog’s crystal charms. Especially when you first bring them into your home and your pet’s life, cleansing them of physical and energetical impurities is a must.

You do not want any negative vibes or intentions near your dear furry family member. So depending on the crystal you purchase, you can cleanse it under running water, smoke it with a sage stick, or place it in a selenite bowl.

There is also the option of leaving it on a window sill overnight to bathe it in the Moon’s light. Or you can use the sunbathing version, but most important is visualizing the purification during the preferred cleansing method.

After cleansing, charge your crystal with your purest intentions and affection for your dog and attach it to their collar. Repeat the cleansing and charging of your charm crystal from time to time or when needed.

Would you get a crystal charm for your dog? Which kind do you think would best suit your pup’s needs? Let us know in the comments below!

Xenia Mateiu is the founder of Village Rock Shop, a Carlsbad-based gift shop where any dog ​​lover can come and find cute and magical crystal charms. She loves to study the benefits of gems, crystals, and geodes and share her knowledge with those who are passionate and curious about the metaphysical side of life.

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