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Molly Larson knew Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue needed a larger space. In the four months since the rescue organization made the move to Somerset, she hasn’t looked back.

Larson works as an event coordinator for the program. She said the move to the Somerset office has been great.

“Everything about the new location is great. We have so much more facilities compared to the old office,” Larson said.

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is a foster based rescue organization. They hold adoption events with volunteers to help dogs find permanent homes.

The rescue organization used to be located in downtown Hudson. As the rescue operation began to grow, Larson and the team knew they needed a larger space.

Bruno is a Pitbull mix who is being adopted out to a foster family. Larson said the organization currently has about 300 dogs an average. Sam Fristed/Star-Observer.

Larson said they began planning a move before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Once the pandemic began, the timeline was pushed back.

“We got it all figured out by the end of 2021,” Larson said. “We found this place and moved in Feb. We were fully operational by March of this year.”

Comparing the Hudson office to Somerset shouldn’t be a contest. The Somerset office provides a larger space for the dogs, an outdoor recreation center, an on-site veterinary clinic, a dog washing station and a garage for transportation.

“The features are night and day compared to the Hudson office,” Larson said.

One important reason for the move was being able to have an on-site veterinary clinic. Larson said having the on-site clinic drastically reduces costs of having one off-site. She added having the veterinary clinic has impacted the new office the most.

Working in a larger space allows the organization to operate more efficiently Larson said. She said all the different areas make the features of the clinic easily accessible.

In the back of the clinic is the transport area for the incoming dogs. Larson said this feature allows for a controlled environment of making transportation easier.

Larson said her favorite part of the new office is the outdoor recreation area for the dogs. The area is fenced in, padded with turf. It allows the dogs to be active outside in an enclosed area, something the Hudson office did not provide.

“I love watching the dogs play. It’s fun to see them outside,” Larson said.

Outdoor rec center.JPG

One new feature the office has is an outdoor recreation yard. Larson said it is her favorite part of the new office. Sam Fristed/Star-Observer.

Another favorite part of the new office for Larson is the dog washing station. She added the veterinarian clinic is a great addition too.

“It’s all nice so it’s hard to pick,” she said.

Larson admits she doesn’t miss much from the Hudson office. She said the relationship with Angels Pet World across the street was her favorite aspect about the old office.

“Other than Angels I don’t really miss anything about the old office,” she said with a laugh.

Larson loves working with Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue. She said her favorite part of working with the organization is seeing the transformation of the dogs.

Bruno playing.JPG

Bruno takes advantage of the outdoor recreation area by playing with his toy. Sam Fristed/Star-Observer.

“Seeing a scared dog at their worst and working with them to give them a happy ending is my favorite part about this job,” she said. “The journey of each dog is special.”

Larson said the new office has discussed expansion plans for the future. The plan includes adding an animal sanctuary to the property by building a barn.

“The goal would be to add horses and other barn animals,” Larson said.

No timeline was given for the expansion. Larson said there is no guarantee the project will commence but they already own the property.

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue is looking for additional volunteers. This includes helping at adoption events and foster homes. Larson said the rescue office has about 300 dogs on average at any given time.

“There is a high need to get involved right now,” she said.

Information about getting involved can be found online through the Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue website.


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