Despite lawsuits and police orders, North Olmsted woman still refuses to turn over vicious dogs that attacked neighbors; owner gets 12 days in jail

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Could we finally be at the end of a dangerous dogs case 19 investigations has been covering for more than a year now?

We broke the story last summer after multiple attacks had local residents worried for their safety.

Since then, the city’s made changes to its ordinance, and the dog’s owner is now set to spend time in jail.

For months after the attacks that caused painful injuries Amanda Ramos fought misdemeanor charges for dogs at large, vicious animals, and failing to properly register her pets.

Though the case now has made its way through the justice system, one problem persists.

“We don’t know where the dogs are. They wouldn’t tell us where the dogs are,” Pat Kelly said. He is a North Olmsted city councilman.

Even in court, Kelly says Ramos refused to tell the judge where the dogs were when he asked.

The City of North Olmsted filed a civil lawsuit against her last year. Prosecutors wanted a county judge to order Ramos to hand over the dogs that attacked.

It’s unclear what exactly happened in the case, but according to court records, Ramos settled with the city during medication this month.

So, basically it’s not the city’s problem, but it could be somebody else’s problem if the dogs attack again.

“Absolutely. The dogs are out there somewhere,” Kelly said.

When we asked Kelly what the city has learned from this incident, he said, “We learned that our ordinance was not sufficient and we’ve corrected that.”

After our continuing coverage, the City of North Olmsted changed its ordinance to mirror the state’s.

Before, the city was required to hold a hearing to deem someone’s dogs dangerous and take them away.

You likely remember how that went in this case last summer.

Our captured cameras Ramos storming out, yelling at the victims her dog’s bit and 19 Investigates when we asked where the dogs were.

The city’s new ordinance should prevent someone from having the opportunity to move their dogs out of the jurisdiction after an attack again, and hopefully get dangerous dogs in custody immediately.

“The dog warden can on the spot deem a dog dangerous, so we don’t have to go through that hearing that didn’t go so well the last time,” Kelly said.

Last week, Ramos finally plead no contest to the vicious and dangerous animals charges against her in Rocky River Muni Court.

The judge ultimately found her guilty and while he could have let her off with probation or a fine, decided to go a bit further and up to 12 days in jail.

“I was happy to see her get the 12 days, yes,” Kelly said.

The victims tell 19 Investigates they are too, hoping their continued outspokenness helped bring justice and better protection to their community.

“This whole thing went on for more than a year now. is it over now? it’s over.

19 Investigates reached out to the North Olmsted law department about what happened in that civil case that lead to a settlement. We did not hear back.

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