Document details the severity of cats’ injuries in animal torture case

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Broken bones, bloodied paws and missing tails, teeth and whiskers were among severe injuries that led to the deaths of several cats in an animal torture case out of north Sedgwick County. Logan Cavender, arrested last month in a case that also involves domestic violence, faces 10 counts of animal cruelty in the Sedgwick County Jail where he remains on $250,000 bond.

An affidavit from Sedgwick County District Court begins with a Jan. 24 report at 69th Street and 55th Street West, near Valley Center, where a resident found three dead cats and called Sedgwick County Animal Control. The resident believed the cats had been shot, the affidavit said.

An animal control officer found three cats individually wrapped in trash bags. The officer reported, “It looked like the heads were bashed in, the feet were bloody and the tails were missing,” the affidavit said.

Taken to a vet clinic in Derby for a necropsy, the affidavit said a veterinarian at the clinic called the Sedgwick County Animal Control supervisor and said those injuries were some of the worst he had ever seen and the cats needed to be taken to Kansas State University for examination.

The veterinarian told the animal control supervisor the cats were hit with something large and heavy and injuries to the feet were done before they died.

“The three bodies had their toes missing and the [veterinarian] told the [supervisor], the amputations had not been done by a veterinarian,” the affidavit said. “Two of the cats were microchipped.”

On Feb. 9, a detective with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office contacted a representative regarding cats that were put into trash bags and dumped on the side of the road at 6500 North 55th Street West, near where the first three cats were found dead a couple weeks earlier.

“The injuries to the cats were similar to those of the first three; head trauma, injuries to the paws and the tails had been removed,” the affidavit said. “These cats were different in that the injuries were more extensive. The injuries included strangulation with wire and Christmas tree lights. The whiskers and teeth had been pulled out, the legs were broken and some were amputated, ears removed, and it appeared claws ripped from the toes. Some of the toys and teeth appeared to have been broken off with some kind of tool.”

Among this group of seven cats, deputies found a blue surgical-style glove in one of the bags with a cat.

Interviews led investigators to Cavender and evidence connected with the animal cruelty case. In the search of a home where Cavender lived and a shed in the backyard, a detective reported finding two cat claws, three Christmas lights matching those found on the dead cats, areas of apparent blood droplets on the shed’s walls, ceiling, floor, and on a table, clumps of cat fur, a spray bottle of bleach, a blue surgical-style glove turned inside out, a live animal trap in the attic of the home, a vacuum in the attic with apparent cat fur inside, packaging for a live animal trap, a black trash bag with black ties matching those the cats were found in and black cat fur in the bathtub.

Further evidence included a black notebook in which the cover indicated it belonged to Cavender. The affidavit said a detective found multiple journal entries in the notebook talking about “feeling awful about the cats” and about strangling and killing, as well as expressing a feeling of “deserving punishment for what he did.”

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