Dog searches for loved ones lost in Afghanistan quake, photo leaves netizens emotional

A destructive earthquake wreaked havoc in Afghanistan last week killing at least 1,000 people, injuring 2,000 and destroying 10,000 homes. While Afghan people have been grappling with the loss of loved ones, pet animals who have managed to survive are also facing a grim reality.

Amid shattered homes and buildings, a pet dog kept looking for the family members in the house he used to live in. After everyone in the house was killed in the earthquake, neighbors took care of him. However, the dog kept coming back to the house looking for the dear departed. A heartbreaking photograph showing the dog desperately searching for his human family in the debris has melted hearts online.

The photograph was shared by Twitter user Samira SR on Sunday. “Every person in the house this dog belongs to was killed in the earthquake. Neighbors said they took him with them to feed/take care of. He keeps coming back to the destroyed house and wails.Ochki village in Gayan, Paktika. #AfghanistanEarthquake #Afghanistan,” tweeted Samira.

Netizens were left emotional by the dog’s plight. A user commented, “Poor dog, it thinks he’ll find its owners, so it keeps coming back. He’ll forget the tragedy soon and hope he lives happily with the neighbors who are now looking after him.” Another user wrote, “We humans don’t deserve dogs.” A third user commented, “Loyalty exist in animal rather humans are unfaithful.”

Before this, a photo of a child orphaned after the Afghanistan earthquake left netizens emotional. Sayed Ziarmal Hashemi, a local reporter, shared the little girl’s photo and noted that she was the sole survivor to be rescued from her family home.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) was cited as saying by Reuters that among the dead in Afghanistan were 155 children, with nearly 250 injured and 65 orphaned. On Monday, an Afghanistan aid agency appealed for financial assistance for the survivors of the deadly earthquake.


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