Dog’s ‘Heartbreaking’ Reaction to Owner’s New Baby Has Internet in Tears

A dog’s heartbreaking reaction to meeting his owner’s new baby for the first time has got people welling up online.

TikToker Erin Bibeau, posting as, had viewers in tears after sharing a clip of her pet pooch Louis meeting her newborn son, Noah, for the first time.

As a caption accompanying the footage puts it: “He’s unsure how to feel” with Louis’ crestfallen reaction to see the child’s dad dote on the new arrival touching a nerve with many.

Looking over at his human companion, it’s almost as if Louis is jealous, recalling countless times the pet owner probably played with him in similar fashion.

The clip can be watched here. At the time of writing the video has been viewed 5.6 million times on TikTok.

The arrival of a new child is a time of major upheaval for any family and that includes dogs.

As the ASPCA explains: “When you bring a new baby home, your dog will face an overwhelming number of novel sights, sounds and smells. She may find some of them upsetting, especially if she didn’t have opportunities to spend time with children as a puppy.”

On top of that, if it’s a firstborn child, the pet pooch will likely find themselves having to share the limelight with a new and similarly cute roommate.

“You’ll drastically alter your daily routine [after having a child], so your dog’s schedule will change, too,” the ASPCA warns. “And, out of necessity, she’ll get less of your time and attention. It may be a difficult time for her, especially if she’s been the ‘only child’ for a while.”

While it’s likely only a matter of time before Louis adapts to Noah’s arrival, the sad footage of the cute canine left many on social media emotional feeling.

Marie Broderick Hans said “this is heartbreaking” with lexiiibrownnn writing: “I’m crying so much right now.” Sheri45acp added: “Awwwh, that face makes me cry… he needs an ear rub or something.”

Lydia Hernandez commented: “My dog ​​did the same thing, it was so sad,” while Pauliepiggypit claimed: “Poor baby wants to be your number one forever.”

Frknmsmarry ordered the dog’s owners to “hug him right now.” Janicemeggs, meanwhile, appeared to be speaking to the dog directly when she said: “they still love you.”

Elsewhere, Dolphinkisses20 recalled a similar experience with their pet pooch some 33 years ago. “When my 2nd son was born. My dog ​​hid under our bed,” they said. “Got depressed. Our bad.”

Fortunately, Louis seems to have adjusted to the change in the weeks and months since, with his owners sharing a video of them cuddling the emotional canine and another showing him happily looking on as Noah smiles in his direction.

It may take time, but they’ll be the best of friends soon enough.

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Stock image of a dog and a baby – a canine’s crestfallen reaction to his owner’s new baby has got people feeling glassy eyed.

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