Dog’s Horrified Reaction to New Puppy Goes Viral: ‘No Need for Words’

A dog’s unimpressed reaction to meeting his new puppy sibling has entertained many people online, gaining over 2 million views.

Mango and Lemon’s fresh relationship with one another was documented by their shared owner, but the new friendship didn’t look quite as promising as they had hoped it would be. Lemon, the puppy, was enthusiastic as could be, but Mango’s behavior was a whole different story.

The puppy crawled up onto the white sofa that Mango was happily lounging on. Mango immediately gave worrisome looks, glancing behind him at the enthusiastic puppy. He tediously glanced at the camera and began turning away, before the puppy took its chance and lunged right on him.

“He’s gonna love him soon, right?” their owner captioned the post.

Lemon had arrived just four days earlier, and their owner documented the whole thing in a TikTok video. The two dogs appeared to greet each other far more kindly at first. Videos showed Lemon attempting to gain Mango’s attention, climbing on top of him, while he continued to lie down and stare into space.

According to the American Kennel Club, it’s good for two dogs to meet one another for the first time in a neutral environment. “You might take the older dog along when you pick up the puppy, and they can ride home (each in a separate crate) in the car together. When everyone is home, take them out, walk them around on leashes in the front yard , and walk inside together,” the AKC said.

“An unknown puppy barging in the front door can seem like an invasion to even the friendliest, most mellow dog. If taking the older dog along isn’t an option, the dogs should still meet outside of the home and walk in together.”

Puppies, says the AKC don’t quite understand their communication skills yet and so find it hard to grasp the rules set in place by adult dogs. Immediately, puppies will begin looking for someone to play with and often land upon the older dog, who might not be as interested in joining in.

Fellow dog owners were left relating to Mango and Lemon’s friendship of sorts, sharing similar anecdotes in the comments.

“My dog ​​didn’t talk to me for two weeks when we got a second. They’re best friends now though so hopefully yours will be too,” wrote one user.

“My oldest still hates the newest after two years so maybe not,” argued another.

“No need for words,” noted Mango and Lemon’s owner.

A file photo of a cute puppy. A dog’s unimpressed reaction to meeting his new puppy sibling has entertained many people online.

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