Elite 2023 Draft Class at QB

I kid you not —- as many as 10 QBs could be taken in the 1st round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

In his recent mock of the 2023 top ten picks, ESPN’s Todd McShay has 5 QBs going in the top 10.

Are you kidding us, Todd?

In my opinion, there actually could be 6 QBs taken in the top ten.

The timing of these young dynamos entering the NFL could not be more auspicious now that Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill and Russell Wilson are in the twilight of their careers.

I cannot even begin to tell you how difficult it is to rank the QBs of the 2023 class.

My Current Top 20: (with ceiling NFL Player Comps)

  1. Bryce Young, Alabama

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- keen manipulation of the pocket under pressure
  • 2 —- deep passing precision
  • 3 —- red zone scrambling ability

NFL Player Comp: Russell Wilson

2. CJ Stroud, Ohio St.

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- superior arm strength
  • 2 —- tight window accuracy
  • 3 —- downfield vision and ball placement

NFL Player Comp: Deshaun Watson

3. Will Levis, Kentucky

First Three Plays:

  • 1 — play action, downfield home run ability
  • 2 —- RPO red zone accuracy
  • 3 —- Josh Allen type running ability

NFL Player Comp: Josh Allen

4. Anthony Richardson, Florida

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- talk about Josh Allen running ability
  • 2 —- puts the romance into the RUN RPO option, particularly in short yardage situations
  • 3 —- excellent arm and accuracy on RPO deep post pass

NFL Player Comp: Cam Newton

5. Tyler Van Dyke, Florida

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- deep pass ball placement
  • 2 —- flea flicker pass on a rope to TE up the right sideline
  • 3 —- red zone tight window TD throw over the coverage

NFL Player Comp: Justin Herbert

6. Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- air and touch on throw to far sideline
  • 2 —- quick pass release on RPO
  • 3 —- quick intermediate TD post pass off RPO

NFL Player Comp: Patrick Mahomes

7. Phil Jurkovec, Boston College

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- consistently accurate on TE crossers
  • 2 —- play action home run TD with good touch
  • 3 —- precision fade pass TD

NFL Player Comp: Matt Ryan

8. Jaren Hall, BYU

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- quick feet escapability
  • 2 —- throws perfectly on the move to his left
  • 3 —- quick release on RPO back up on his own goal line

NFL Player Comp: Dak Prescott

9. Jeff Sims, Georgia Tech

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- Lamar Jackson type of run threat
  • 2 —- ditto
  • 3 —- ditto

NFL Player Comp: Lamar Jackson

10. Tanner McKee, Stanford

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- nice air and touch pass up left sideline into tight window
  • 2 —- excellent back should TD pass to his left
  • 3 —- precise fundamentals on fade pass up left sideline

NFL Player Comp: Davis Mills

11. Devin Leary, North Carolina St.

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- excellent TD throw on wheel route up left sideline
  • 2 —- picture perfect red zone post pass TD
  • 3 —- well executed action waggle play with TD pass on the move to back end of end zone

NFL Player Comp: Drew Brees

12. Will Rogers, Mississippi St.

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- quick swing pass TD
  • 2 —- red zone quick WR screen TD
  • 3 — red zone seam pass TD with excellent timing and ball placement

NFL Player Comp: Mac Jones

13. DJ Uiagalelei, Clemson

NFL Player Comp: Jameis Winston

First Three Plays

  • 1 —- money throw on corner route up right sideline
  • 2 —- money throw on corner route up left sideline
  • 3 —- excellent RPO run read for TD

14. Hendon Hooker, Tennessee

First Three Plays:

  • 1 —- high speed scramble
  • 2 —- perfect RPO fake and TD toss
  • 3 —- superb timing and burst on QB draw

NFL Player Comp: Michael Vick

Could Move Up:

15. Spencer Rattler , South Carolina

16. Malik Cunningham, Louisville

17. Sam Hartman, Wake Forest

18. Brennan Armstrong, Virginia

19. Max Johnson, Texas A&M

20. Dylan Gabriel, Oklahoma


In light of the elite nature of this 2023 QB class wouldn’t the Cardinals be wise to wait another year to decide whether to extend Kyler Murray’s contract?

If we are looking at the big picture, wouldn’t you agree that this off-season for the Cardinals does not have the feel of an organization that is going all-in to try to win a Super Bowl?

Wouldn’t you agree that as long as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford are playing in the NFC, the Cardinals’ chances of making the Super Bowl, let alone winning it, are slim?

If the Cardinals have a down year and have a pick in the top 10 in the 2023 NFL Draft, then wouldn’t you want the Cardinals to have all of their options open? Including the ability to trade Kyler Murray, if need be?

If Kyler Murray removes all doubts this year, no one would be more happy than I would. We all would rejoice, right?

But, I just wish the Cardinals would keep all of their options open, just in case.

Especially because Kyler is already signed for the next two years, with all $35.5M of his salaries guaranteed.

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