Escaped pit-bull mixes menace dog walkers on Nickel Plate Trail

The Nickel Plate Trail is not only bringing new recreational opportunities for joggers, bikers and pedestrians in Fishers but some growing — and growling — pains as well.

Dog walkers are among the trail’s heavy users but recently several of them complained that they’ve had to carry mace and weapons because a pair of loose pits bull mixes menaced them and their pets several times on the trail a few blocks south of 116th Street.

Fishers Police Sgt. Tom Weger said they received seven complaints from residents in the Cheeney Creek area about the two dogs chasing other dogs on the trail and at least one incident in which a dog was bit on its tail.

Weger said the dogs were hostile to other dogs, not people, but dog walkers said they feared being bit if they had to separate fighting dogs.

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