Fact Check-No evidence Nintendo tweeted or deleted post about cats

Contrary to a widely shared screenshot, there is no evidence Nintendo America tweeted a strange message about cats. Reuters found no evidence that the video game company tweeted the message circulating on social media, and the same text and image was posted in 2021 by a satirical account that impersonates Nintendo.

The tweet was purportedly sent from the verified Twitter account @NintendoAmerica. It includes an image of Mario Bros, wearing a yellow cat costume (similar to the character viewable) (youtu.be/5nW9o6M5zFo?t=96) (around timestamp 1:36), surrounded by cats.

The alleged screenshot shows no information of the date of posting or any figures for retweets or likes.

Iterations of the image have been retweeted at least 15,000 times (here) (here) (here)

Examples can also be seen on Facebook (here) (here).

Although some users question the authenticity of the screenshot, others appear to have been duped.

“Can’t believe i just found out about this absolutely unhinged shit,” a verified Twitter user wrote (here)

“Man, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing. All of these big corporations. This was definitely intentional to gain attention.” (here)

Other users who appear to think the content is authentic refer to “furries” – people with an interest in anthropomorphism, who may create their own alternative animal personality known as a “fursona.” – Reuters has previously addressed several unsupported claims about furries (here) (here) (here).

“They partnered with Disney and needed to make Mario sexually confused. Every level you are trying to find your “identity”. They deleted it because it’s a spoiler. Mario is a furry and that’s the last board” (here).

“The furries are at it again,” one Facebook user commented (here).

“Is Nintendo going to start selling scratching posts with it’s game consoles for players that identify as cats? Letter boxes? ,” a Twitter user wrote (here)

Via a keyword search on Twitter, Reuters found that virtually the same caption and image was tweeted by the account “@NintendoUpd8s” on Feb. 2021 (here ) . The account, which has the Nintendo logo as profile picture identifies as “parody” (here).

This satirical tweet appears to have been digitally altered to make it look like it was sent from the verified account of Nintendo America (twitter.com/NintendoAmerica).

Reuters found no evidence that Nintendo America tweeted and deleted any such message, nor any trustworthy media coverage to support it being real (bit.ly/3PoZedw).

Nintendo did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


No evidence. There is no record that the verified Twitter account of Nintendo America tweeted such message about cats. The screenshot circulating online appears to be a digitally altered version of a tweet from a satirical account, which posted the same message in 2021.

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