Family continues to look for cat months after Marple fire

MARPLE—The last time the Giosa family saw their cat Twighlight was in April as their Warren Boulevard house was ravaged by fire. Now, three months later, they’re holding out hope – and calling on the public for help – that the kitty can be found.

On April 10, around 5 am in the morning, Terry and Eddie Giosa’s 12-year-old son came into his parents’ room.

“My son woke us up and said, ‘My room’s smoky,'” Terry said. “We didn’t see a fire. I ran downstairs – it was just a little bit of a hazy smoke.”

Her first thought was, “I’m getting the kids out.”

Her husband checked and quickly saw the fire in the basement.

On their way out, Giosa said, “I grabbed Buddy, he was the first one I saw.”

After making sure the kids and one kitty were safe in a car, she ran back to the house to get their second kitty, Twighlight, but she was unable to go back inside.

“The cops were like, ‘You cannot go back in there,’” Giosa said, adding, “I get why. I get why. It went up so quickly.”

She said Twighlight, a 7-year-old tuxedo Domestic Short Hair cat, was seen running out of the house by a firefighter and a neighbor.

“He was probably so incredibly scared,” Giosa said. “We’re still hopeful. We’ve done just about everything we could possibly do. We’re just trying everything and anything.”

They’ve done social media blasts and even hired two pet communicators – to no avail.

“I go back every two to three days,” she said. “The house still smells like a burnt char.”

Giosa recalled how they had gotten Twighlight seven years ago and her older son at the time wanted to name him after Twilight Sparkle the My Little Pony. Giosa decided she would change the spelling a little bit and that’s why the extra “H” was added.

“He would come up to everyone that came in the door,” Giosa said, adding that Twighlight would even follow the exterminator around the house.

Giosa said Twighlight and Buddy would sleep together every night.

“Buddy he cries all day long – still,” she said. She’s scheduled an appointment with their veterinarian next week to see how to help.

In the meantime, the family’s moved around four times as their home prepares to be demolished to be rebuilt.

“It’s been pretty hard,” Giosa said. She said in the next two weeks, the family will be moving into a rental property five blocks from their home for the duration of the build.

She said she can’t believe three months has passed already.

“We’ve had people think that they had sightings but it’s not him,” Giosa said, saying she gets there and recognizes it’s not Twighlight.

“I’ve looked at his picture so many times,” she said. “I know all his markings.”

Giosa asks if anyone thinks they see him to take a picture first, then call her at 610-609-1835.

“Get a picture first before contacting me,” she said. “Snap a picture, then try to find my number.”

Giosa said Angela DiPilla of Helping Paws is among those helping to try and find Twighlight and has said, “I really do believe he is out there.”

Giosa hopes that’s true.

“I don’t want him to leave people’s minds,” she said. “It would make this process just so much better as bad as it’s been just to have him back. It just takes that one person.”

If you have any information about Twighlight, please call or text Terry Giosa at 610-609-1835.

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