FAU student’s clever answer for dogs with hindquarter weakness

John Thomerson’s wirehaired terrier, Daisy, was once as carefree as any other pet. But in a matter of months, a disease took all of her mobility.

In November 2017, Daisy was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, which affects the spinal cord and ultimately causes hind limb paralysis.

Without the support of her legs, she couldn’t relieve herself on her own. Thomerson’s parents would help her go several times a day, but the effort began to take a toll on their health. Taking Daisy outside to do her business was a messy and frustrating process that often took two people. One person would have to hold Daisy up while the other pushed down on Daisy’s bladder.

Thomerson’s mom, Diane, said the chore wound up giving her and her husband, Doug, back pain. They were scared that they would eventually have to put Daisy down despite her otherwise good quality of life. His parents tried various mobility devices but nothing worked. So he designed one himself.

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