Five tigers in a jungle pool: This rare video is a fascinating watch

When was the last time you saw a picture or video with more than one tiger in the frame?

Pictures of tigers in groups are rare because those apex predators are often solitary animals. But Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda has now shared on Twitter a video of a few tigers relaxing together in a pool of water somewhere out in the wild.

Nanda called it “a family of the big cat”, but did not mention where and when it came from. The video shows five of the magnificent beasts in the water, one of them moving around a bit restlessly before stepping into the forest as if to follow something, while the other four lounge without a care in the world.

“Our tiger reserves are source of water to billions of Indian’s as many major river originates from them. Success of tiger conservation in India is key to our water & food security. Here a family of the big cat enjoying the onset of monsoons (As received from a colleague),” the IFS officer wrote.

His followers on Twitter joined in appreciating the beautiful video. “So rare to see especially in tigers as they live a stud lonely life, especially male,” wrote a user.

“They are having pool party with no liquor.. Only non veg served,” another quipped.

Another user offered suggestions on why there were so many tigers in one frame. “What you see in the video must be Tigress with cubs, the cubs usually live with their mother for 2.5 years. Then they all separate, particularly the strongest female cub will take over the mother’s territory and males walk long distances for new territory,” the user wrote.

Tigers are known to have an average of two to three cubs in a litter, and they stay with the mother for two to two and a half years before they strike it out on their own.

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