Get your hot dogs (and much more) here. A guide to eating at Dodger Stadium

LA’s extreme bacon wrapped hot dog located in the left field plaza at Think Blue BBQ at Dodger Stadium.

(Hamlet Nalbandyan / Los Angeles Times)

There are plenty of meat and plant options that can be found at most other ballparks. Here are some options that can only be found at Dodger Stadium:

Dodger Dog: The famous hot dog is a 10-inch pork wiener wrapped in a steamed bun. Vernon-based Papa Cantella is the supplier of the pork, which recently replaced Farmer John’s. Fans also have the choice to have their Dodger Dog steamed or grilled.

Fans who want a plant-based option are in luck because there’s the Plant-Based Dodger Dog. The Dodgers partnered with Greenleaf Foods SPC to make Field Roast the supplier of the plant-based option.

Dodger Dogs can be found throughout the field, center field, log and reserve levels, right and left field plaza, and top deck.

Super Dodger Dog: If you’re looking for a beef option of the Dodger Dog, then the Super Dodger Dog it is. It’s an all-beef 1/3-pound frank wrapped in a steamed bun. Located on the field, log and reserve levels and top deck.

Doyer Dog: The Mexican-themed Dodger Dog. It’s a 10-inch pork Dodger Dog topped with nacho cheese, diced tomatoes, onions and jalapeños. Ketchup, mustard, and relish are optional for this version, but not necessary with what it’s already packing.

Michelada Sausage: Michelada and hot dog lovers should consider this one. The longaniza sausage is marinated in Michelada, wrapped in a Tajin-coated bun, and topped with smoked crispy pork belly, chili-lime aioli and cilantro. The Michelada Sausage can be found in the center field plaza.

Carne asada nachos: Carne asada and nachos lovers should consider trying this. It’s crispy tortilla chips served with carne asada, nacho cheese, and jalapeños. Fans can order the helmet option to receive a Dodgers souvenir. There’s also the jalapeño option that does not come with the carne asada for fans craving more of a veggie option. Located at the Hornitos Cantina and LA Taqueria in the right field plaza, center field and Reserve Level 17.

Carne asada helmet nachos located at LA Taqueria in the reserve section at Dodger Stadium.

Carne asada helmet nachos located at LA Taqueria in the reserve section at Dodger Stadium.

(Hamlet Nalbandyan / Los Angeles Times)

Burnt-end Nachos: This is taking nachos to the next level. This version of nachos includes crispy BBQ burnt ends before being smothered in BBQ sauce, BBQ-spiced sour cream and jalapeños. Oh, and nacho cheese is included. Located at Think Blue BBQ in the left field plaza and Reserve Level 32.

Brooklyn Dodgers Pizza: They say never forget your roots. And a way for the Dodgers do that is with the Brooklyn Dodgers Pizza. It’s a 12-inch thin crust pizza that comes with pepperoni or just cheese options.

Dodger Double Burger: This one will probably fill you up. It contains two beef patties, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, dill pickle and grand slam sauce on a brioche bun. Can add crispy bacon and/or chili for extra.

Dodger Blue Burger: Another filler with a Dodger twist to it. It contains two beef patties, blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, dill pickle, horseradish-mustard sauce on a brioche bun. Can add crispy bacon and/or chili.

LA Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Craving a nice spicy kick? The LA Spicy Chicken Sandwich has napalm aioli, spicy pickles and is served on a soft potato bun. The spicy sandwich is sold at Hot Corner in Field 47.

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