Going Dutch — both owners cited after leaving dogs in hot van: Orange Police Blotter


Cruelty to companion animals: Park Avenue

With an outdoor temperature still at 88 degrees, police responded to the Pinecrest west parking lot at 7:51 pm June 15 on a report of two dogs in distress, having been left inside a locked van parked in direct sunlight.

Security camera footage showed that their owners, a Garfield Heights woman, 57, and an Oxford woman, 41, left the dogs at 7:38 — with front windows cracked and water inside, they pointed out when they returned at 8:52, saying that the dogs were fine.

Police said they survived because officers used car lockout tools to open the doors for the dogs, which were obviously too hot. Witnesses said the dogs were panting, shaking and barking for help.

Once inside the Chrysler van, officers were still unable to get to the dogs, after one went under the front seat and the other to the back under a lot of cargo. Both looked like they might bite if they were picked up, although the dogs were amenable to fresh water.

Officers calculated that the dogs would have been left inside the hot van for one hour and 14 minutes had the police not been called.

The owners, each of whom claimed one of the dogs, were cited and allowed to keep their pets. The Oxford woman also had a warrant from Garfield Heights, where police declined to pick her up.

Traffic offense, fleeing and eluding (felony): Orange Place, Chagrin Boulevard

A patrol officer at Orange and Harvard Road a 2013 Kia Optima with excessive windshield tint driving past at 9:40 pm June 16 and noticed a traffic stop, causing the driver, believed to be a Cleveland Lee-Harvard neighborhood man, 21, to speed up to 57 mph before getting stuck in traffic at the intersection of Orange and Chagrin.

As the cruiser pulled alongside, the suspect threw the car in reverse and the officer attempted to head him off as he cut through one of the gas station lots to get to Chagrin. The suspect then drove up on the sidewalk in front of Mooney’s Sunoco in order to pass the cruiser, striking the police car’s front driver side and momentarily knocking out the pursuing officer’s power steering as the Kia took off on I-271 North. Cleveland police were checking the address where the car was registered.

Theft from a motor vehicle: Park Avenue

A Sysco Food Service truck driver reported at 31 pm June 15 that upon 1: his Cinema delivery at Silverspot, he went to Pinstripes for another order there. Off-loading after that, he discovered about $491 worth of meat missing from the truck, including three boxes of Jersey Mike’s chicken, two boxes of unspecified pork loin and one box of Jersey Mike’s beef.

Police may have developed some suspects in a 2009 Toyota Camry, with the continuing investigation.

Receiving stolen property (felony), found person: Orange Place, Chagrin Boulevard

After police were alerted to a stolen Chevy Equinox traveling through town around 4:30 pm on June 16, the car was located northbound on Orange Place and detained officers the passenger and juvenile driver, also contacting the owner of the car, a Cleveland woman.

Aggravated menacing: Orange Place

Police were called to Slyman’s Tavern at 3:30 pm June 14 where an employee had been arguing with a cook before storming out of the kitchen. The Shaker Heights man, 29, then allegedly went to his car and brandished a black semi-automatic handgun, pointing it at crew members, including the manager, who had followed him out, before driving off.

The manager said he would press charges and file for a temporary protection order, turning security video of the incident over to police.

Damage to property: Chagrin Boulevard

A resident, 42, came to the police station on June 15 to report that a Maple Heights-based towing company had damaged his 2016 Chevy Cruze.

The tow operator arrived at the Mooney’s Sunoco service station on June 8 and in lieu of tow skates, sprayed WD-40 oil on the front tire and flat bed of his truck. During the loading, the Chevy’s front fender and wheel were well damaged when the front tire shifted, with the tow truck driver signing a statement admitting responsibility and saying the company would cover the cost to fix it.

Since then, the Cruze owner had been unable to reach the towing company. Police had no luck either with the dispatchers or the general manager, but eventually reached the owner, who said he was unaware of the situation and would follow up, after hearing the written statements from the car owner and the tow operator.

Harassing communications: Harvard Road

A Cooper’s Hawk winery employee reported June 14 that an ex-friend, a Columbus woman, 25, had been harassing her, with no threats made other than saying she would come to her workplace.

Supervisors reported finding 50 recent phone calls made to the winery from the same phone number, and recalled someone calling to ask when the employee, an Akron woman, 25, would be working — information they told her they could not provide.

Police contacted the suspect and advised her to cease all communications with the victim and to stop calling the winery, where the Columbus woman was not permitted on the property.

Impaired driving, speeding: Emery Road

Police initially responded to a local pizza shop around 8 pm on June 17 for a personal welfare check on a man who was reportedly having trouble getting back into his Porsche and keeping his eyes open.

The car was gone, but police located the Orange Village man, 59, a short time later going 52 mph on Emery Road between Brainard and Lander roads. He showed signs of impairment, refused a Breathalyzer test and was charged then given a courtesy ride home.

Fraud by telecommunications, theft by deception: East Woodcrest Drive

A resident reported June 14 that she was a victim of online fraud, having received a call that appeared to be local about a week earlier from a man named Bruce telling her she was $400 delinquent on her electric bill.

The caller added that if she didn’t pay the balance, her service would be shut off. She then sent $400 through Zelle from her bank account to a phone number — registered to someone named Bruce — before realizing it may be a scam.

Disorderly conduct, disabled motor vehicle, assisted ambulance: I-271

Responding to the freeway where a car had been out of gas for two hours and was posing a hazard to morning rush hour traffic on June 13, police spokes with the driver, a Euclid woman, 33, who earlier said roadside assistance was on the way .

That no longer being the case, and with someone reportedly trying to flag down passing motorists, the car was towed by the village.

A Cleveland woman, 34, who was a passenger in the car, was taken to Ahuja Medical Center for evaluation when she became argumentative and emotional, showing signs of possible impairment.

This included squatting in the emergency parking lane and urinating as officers stepped away briefly to a cruiser.

The driver was then taken to Ahuja to comfort her cousin.

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