Gorilla, Lion or Birds? What You See First Reveals Your Personality Traits

The internet has kept netizens indulged through various mind-bending optical illusions, which often make one scratch their head in order to attempt those brain exercises. Despite being a time-consuming activity, one can’t deny the fact that the trend of optical illusions has set the internet ablaze. Interestingly, this time the internet has brought forth another treat for all those who like engaging themselves in various optical illusions. A monochrome picture is doing rounds on the internet that claims to be a personality test and offers deep insights into the dominant traits of the observer, depending on which animal they see first in the picture.

The picture is centerd around a big tree. The instructions are very simple. You just need to see the picture of the four hidden animals, the very first animal that you spot defines your personality trait. Go on, give it a nice look. What did you see first?


The big negative space in the bottom left of the tree is made in the shape of a gorilla’s side face—basically its right profile. If you saw a gorilla first then you may be an expert at belief and an analytical thinker of your group. Before solving a problem you might get driven by your curiosity and dig deeper to have as much information regarding the subject as you can.


If you witness two birds flying above the tree then you may be an honest person, who prefers to put everything at ease. Your amazing intuitions may make you the natural leader of your group.


Just opposite the gorilla, on the left side of the tree, the negative space forms the side face of a lion—the left profile. And if you witness the first lion then you are a dominant person and are always striving to reach on top.


A very rare number of people will spot two fish leaping out of the water at the bottom of the tree. And if you are the one who will witness it first then you must know that your reputation for idealism and kindness precedes you. However, it is also one of the reasons why people walk all over you.

Interestingly, this optical illusion picture is the official logo of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. As per the Mighty Optical Illusions, a resident of Pittsburgh, USA Bob Guckert was the first one to identify that this logo holds an interesting optical illusion. While he was well aware of the logo for quite some time, it was only after he visited the official website of the zoo that he spotted the hidden optical illusion in it.

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