Green Dogs: Washable Dog Diapers, Belly Bands, & Wee Pads Cut Down On Doggy Waste

French Bulldog dog wearing fabric period diaper pants for protection

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Let’s be real: minimizing waste can seem impossible if your pup needs doggy diapers.

But we’re here to tell you it’s not as hard as it seems. Reusable diapers, belly bands, and wee pads are better for the environment and easier cleanup for you as a pet parent.

Here’s how these reusable doggy products can help you and your pooch go a little greener!

Why Use Washable Diapers, Belly Bands, & Wee Pads?

A puppy white West Highland Terrier stretches during housebreaking training.

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Maybe your dog isn’t quite potty trained yet, or maybe they’re venturing into their senior years and are starting to have some accidents. Maybe your female dog isn’t spayed yet and needs some coverage.

Regardless, using washable diapers, belly bands, and wee pads is a great way to lower the amount of waste your pup produces.

This may seem like more work than it’s worth, but there are products out there that minimize the ick factor of cleaning up your pup’s diaper. In fact, a great reusable diaper can be cleaner than a disposable one if it’s fastened properly.

What Kind Of Products Should You Use?

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Finding the right diaper, belly band, or wee pad is crucial in furthering your no-waste lifestyle for your pup. Check out some of our favorite reusable pet waste products below.

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diaper

The Pet Parents Washable Dog Diaper can be used on both male and female dogs.

This diaper also has a sewn-in, super absorbent pad to minimize leaks.

Pet Magasin Washable Female Dog Diaper

The Pet Magasin Washable Female Dog Diaper is specifically designed for female dogs. It loops through your pup’s tail for full coverage.

This diaper is ideal for female dogs who haven’t been fixed yet and experience heat.

Pet Parents Belly Band Male Dog Wrap

The Pet Parents Belly Band Male Dog Wrap is designed specifically for male dogs. It wraps horizontally across your pup’s torso instead of looping through the tail, like a female diaper would.

This is a great option if your pup has some trouble holding in pee but is good about doing their number twos outside. This band is available in a variety of sizes.

Simple Solutions Washable Puppy Pad

The Simple Solutions Washable Puppy Pad is great for absorbing waste.

It’s also durable, making it a good investment if you plan on getting a lot of uses out of it.

Do you use washable products to handle doggy accidents? Which ones would you recommend to other pet parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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