Gunman earns SP’s wrath for refusing to bathe his dogs, IG intervenes

Thiruvananthapuram: The gunman who refused to bathe the pet dogs of the Superintendent of Police (SP), Telecommunications, as per the latter’s order, was served a suspension order. The Inspector General of Police (IG) canceled the suspension order and took him back to work within hours.

IG Anoop Kuruvilla John, who is in charge of Telecommunications, revoked the suspension of gunman Akash soon after Telecommunications SP Navneet Sharma served him a suspension for ‘disobeying’ his order to bathe his dogs. Akash was allegedly framed by the SP and charges of official misconduct were cited for the suspension. Besides, the gunman was also relieved from the security duty of the SP with immediate effect.

As per Navneet Sharma’s suspension order, Akash is alleged to have trespassed into the SP’s quarters and damaged his electronic devices. IG Anoop Kuruvilla revoked Akash’s suspension order after the CM’s office intervened.

SP Navneet Sharma resides at the Railway quarters allotted to his wife. Only a non-Keralite helper stays at the Police quarters allotted to the SP, which he visits once in a while.

Two gunmen from the Telecommunications Armed forces wing are on duty with this junior IPS officer.

On Sunday, the SP’s helper called Akash and asked him to reach the SP’s Police quarters. Akash was told to bathe the SP’s pet dogs and to clean the premises. Akash refused to do it saying it was not his work, went in, sat on the sofa, and watched TV. The helper informed the SP of the gunman’s ‘disobedience’.

The SP immediately called up the duty Sub Inspector at the Telecommunications Headquarters and directed him to file a special report against the gunman. The SI was told to ‘write’ that the gunman trespassed the SP’s residence, watched his TV and damaged electronic devices at his house. The SI wrote the report as the SP wanted, to please him. The suspension order came thereafter, based on this report.

The CM’s office intervened immediately directing to revoke the suspension order.

Gunman Akash is a close relative of a person who was on the Chief Minister’s personal staff. Within hours, IG revoked the suspension and transferred Akash to his parent unit with the Thiruvananthapuram City Police.


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