How Black Bird’s Taron Egerton And Paul Walter Hauser Developed Their Horrifying Dynamic In The Apple TV+ Series

Taron Egerton came to television for the starring role of Jimmy in Apple TV+’s Black Bird, and only two episodes of the intense limited series are left. His character’s mission to secure his own freedom by getting a confession from suspected serial killer Larry (Paul Walter Hauser) takes a toll on him, as he has no choice but to try and convince Larry that he’s a friend. The relationship between Jimmy and Larry is central to the series, and the two actors guaranteed that their dynamic on screen is downright horrifying. Speaking with CinemaBlend, Egerton explained how he and Hauser developed that dynamic.

Black Bird is inspired by a true story originally told in author James Keene’s In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption autobiography. The Rocketman star (who explained his approach to Black Bird as a TV show as opposed to film) opened up about his and Paul Walter Hauser’s approach to delivering their unsettling dynamic as Jimmy and Larry:

We wanted it at times [that] it should just feel like two guys having a conversation, and it’s the normality of it is kind of what becomes a bit unnerving, that you can talk in a very pedestrian way about things that are truly horrifying. But in terms of how we approached it, Paul and I were very excited about working with each other and were, I think, a fan of each other’s work. We got on very well instantly. He’s a very easy guy to get on with. He’s very warm, so funny. But he’s also incredibly passionate about acting and storytelling, and we really bounced off each other well.

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