Internet Backs Man Threating to Ditch Family Over Dog He Didn’t Want

A man raging about his wife and kids buying a dog without his consent has found support online.

Posting to Reddit’s r/TrueOffMyChest forum on July 3, user u/sleepybot0524 shared his frustration about the new family pet.

“It’s already day one and nobody is up to take the puppy out to pee,” he wrote. “I dont want to deal with a dog!

“I don’t want to worry about who’s gonna watch the dog when we go out of town, I don’t want to have to leave somewhere early cause we have to let the dog out.

“I especially don’t want to clean up s*** and pee…I just wanna sit on the couch and watch TV.

“I’m so f****** mad about this dog. I’m actually considering leaving the house for a couple days.”

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), roughly 3.1 million dogs are surrendered to shelters every year in the US Some 47 percent of dogs that are given away by owners—whether to a family member, friend, or shelter—because of problems such as aggression, growing larger than predicted, or health issues.

The post has received more than 5,700 upvotes and over 700 comments, many from Redditors reassuring the man his feelings are valid.

“You are right to be mad, and thats okay,” said Moretrashyusername. “Presumably you did want a wife and kids though.

“Today your job is teaching responsibility. Its as***** job, but its worth it. Not nearly as fun as sitting on the couch, but being a dad has its moments.”

ODurren138 commented: “Nobody should feel like they have to have a dog.

“They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re best friends, they’re ferocious, they’re weapons, they’re shields, they’re tools… but if you don’t have or want time to train them then they’re just dogs.”

After several users expressed concern about the man’s desire to walk out on his family, he added an update clarifying the situation:

“I’ve calmed down since this morning,” he wrote.

“I wasn’t going to leave my family over this dog, more like to get out the house and let them deal with the dog without me.

“I’m not lazy, I just know the major responsibility. It takes to raise a dog! It’s a minimum 10 year investment.”

Expensive Puppy

Others were shocked by how much the family paid for the Golden Doodle puppy—$1,500, plus an additional $300 for food and supplies—especially after the man admitted they don’t have money to spare.

“WTF…. not only did she get one knowing you didn’t want it, but she spent $1500!!” commented asportate.

“Dude, I could’ve saved her like $1200 by going down to the shelter.”

Some users suggested the man wake up his wife and kids and get them to take over.

“Wake them up every single morning and every single nap,” said BlackMagic0. “All the time. Constantly. Over and over.

“People get puppies and don’t realize how much work they are. Every time.”

CherylR1970 agreed, writing: “Don’t make taking the dog out of yourself a habit because they’ll start to expect it from you.

“Nip it in the bud by getting them together and outlining the responsibilities involved.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/sleepybot0524 for comment.

A file photo of a man turning away from his dog in annoyance. Reddit users advised the dad to stop caring for the puppy and to leave the responsibility to his wife and children.
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