Internet Raves About Cat Who Gets ‘Yeted’ to Her Food Bowl Every Day

A video of a cat being “yeeted” toward her food has left the internet in stitches this week after gaining viral attention online.

Merel Carrijn, who is from Belgium, shared the video on TikTok where it has since received over 4.4 million views.

In the video, 4-year-old Wiske the cat is “yeeted” to her food by Carrijn. With the caption: “POV: Your name is Wiske & you get yeeted to your food every day,” alongside a clip of the cat hopping up to her bowl.

Carrijn told Newsweek: “Wiske was a stray cat who just landed in my yard one day. She was very young, scared, and pregnant. It took a few days to gain her trust.”

Sadly, her kittens did not survive, but Carrijn took her to be spayed and bought her home to live with her.

Pictures from the viral video of Wiske the cat being “yeeted” up to her food bowl. The video has delighted the internet and has been viewed more than 4 million times.

In September 2021, Carrijn and Wiske got a new roommate—a puppy named Astor.

“Wiske was used to living with a calm senior dog, but the enthusiasm of the puppy was new to her,” said Carrijn. “I knew it would take some time for her to adjust to this new family member, but in the meantime I wanted her to have a safe space to eat. So, that’s why I took her food and put it upstairs. To show her where her food was, I picked her up and also put her upstairs with the food. And I don’t really know how, but it became our routine and slowly the ‘putting’ became gently throwing.”

The American Cat Company agrees that a quiet and calm location is best for your cat’s food bowl. They say: “A calm, quiet space such as a spare bathroom, spare bedroom or hallway will keep cats relaxed so they can eat in peace. A loud and busy location may stress and keep cats from eating or force them to eat too quickly .”

The internet-famous kitty does have her own ladder and can jump up herself to get to her food bowl, but it seems to enjoy the routine so much she sits and waits to be thrown.

In stitches at the video, TikTok users headed to the comments to share their thoughts. “My cat loves to be ‘launched’ to his bowl,” shared another TikTok user. While one commenter said: “She really enjoys it.”

“No this is so cute,” said one viewer, while another commenter said: “CATapult.”

Carrijn explained: “On my TikTok account I share daily vlogs about my life as someone recovering from severe mental illness. In my daily vlogs, I also show Wiske and Astor (my dog) of course, because they are a big part of my life.” For a while now, I included Wiske’s daily throw and I got some reactions to it. People found it so funny.”

“I also want to be yeeted at my food every day,” joked one commenter. Another user wrote: “So cute! I can’t stop watching.”

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